If you are mobility impaired or over 40, we are committed to providing you and your family, institution, or group - the best in Yoga, self-defense training and Martial Arts exercise systems.  We train in-person or virtually. Come see our multiple levels of yoga and cane self-defense, in our popular Yoga Play and The American Cane System exercise disciplines. Look over our live stream classes for the best fit for your needs or contact us to learn more about your individual training options.

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What Makes Us Different

The American Cane System was developed by Grand Master Mark Shuey Sr. as a system of self-defense for a vulnerable age group. GM Shuey created this system for students of the cane with certification of instructors for his system.

Mark's system's of cane fighting, cane self-defense and cane exercise caught the attention of the world at large, and "The American Cane System" as well as his "Cane Fu", "Cane Ja", "Cane Chi", "Silver Dragons" and "YogaPlay" systems are being taught by Certified instructors throughout the world.

At North Lake Tahoe Martial Arts, we offer traditional Tae Kwon Do instruction for all levels from "Little Dragons" through Black Belt. We also offer classes using the cane for self-defense and exercise, as well as YogaPlay and Zumba Fitness classes.