5 Ways of Getting Back a Spring In Your Step This Spring

It’s Spring!  In Nevada that means it’s getting hot!  For everywhere north of Nevada, It means mild temperatures are back and people are getting outdoors again.  That’s great since it gives us the lift we sometimes need to get fit.  If you struggle to get moving again, explore these five ways of getting back a spring in your step.

Ways of Getting Back a Spring in Your Step

After fifty, getting back a spring in your step entails working out and isn’t just for those involved in martial arts.  That fitness is a way to prevent illnesses and reduce the pain that comes with life in general.  Luckily, Spring makes us feel energized once more, and it’s a perfect time to get moving.  So just for fun, here’s some things to do this spring season to boost your energy and wellness level.


With the stronger light Spring brings, going outside is a mood booster all by itself.  We have online students that take their laptops outside and login to a session or pop in a Cane Fu DVD.  They follow along, training outdoors in the sunshine.  If you have a spot where you can do this, in your yard or on a large balcony, enjoy.  You’ll feel better by getting a little sun and even more by training while you enjoy the sun once more.


People are not made to stay isolated.  Humans are social beings.  This spring, try enjoying small get togethers once more.  Reach out to people you are comfortable with, and enjoy a dinner, or workout, or other activity together. 


This is the season to stir again. People get a burst of energy once more, and animals come out of hibernation. Waters, frozen over the winter months, run and froth once more.  The air feels fresh and deep breathing feels like the right way to start the day.  If you haven’t already experienced sessions with Grandmaster Mark Shuey, you need to call him about his morning yoga options.  (The number is (775) 772-9471).


Once you’re breathing, it’s time to kick it into a higher gear. There are lots of options for training, with live sessions, Cane Fu or Cane Chi training videos.  The training is specially designed for bodies over fifty. People who try it are constantly amazed at how fun work outs can be. Want to have a blast this spring and summer?  You need to call grandmaster Mark Shuey today at (775) 772-9471 for pricing and scheduling information.  You’re going to love how you feel within six weeks of the American Cane System training sessions.  You’ll also love gettimg back a spring in your step this spring. 

The American Cane System works with people in many stages of fitness, training folks from wheelchair bound to fit students. Join thousands of other American Cane System followers trained in self-defense by calling Grandmaster Mark Shuey at (775) 772-9471.