A Little Workout Fun at the Dojo

Now is the right time to consider your fitness and how you could learn a safe form of self-defense. Even more important, you deserve to bring a little workout fun back into your life; you deserve the American Cane System Dojo.

The Dojo

Mark Shuey, founder of The American Cane System offers an entire range of cane related martial arts techniques and exercises. Now you can join thousands of others in live triweekly sessions on The American Cane System Virtual Dojo. You don’t even need to leave your own home to join the dojo, just jump on a computer.  Grand Master Mark Shuey livestreams strength building deep breathing sessions and powerful martial arts techniques for students of all levels.

The cost is reasonable and you can access the training sessions any time, 24/7 from your own home. In a time when people are still hesitant to mix in crowds, The American Cane System Virtual Dojo offers a classroom or training session that you can access anywhere you have connection to the internet. Take a tablet outside in your own green space and enjoy the sun while you stretch. Use your computer screen in your home to play the Cane Chi or Cane Fu training videos. You will be amazed at the new mobility, strength and balance you discover within yourself! 

Workout Fun at the Dojo

Optional Training Videos Available

Not sure you can be there for the morning sessions?  Grand Master Mark Shuey has training videos available to use alone or as supplements to the triweekly dojo sessions.  Contact us to learn more how you can start the Mark Shuey American Cane System method of cane exercise and self-defense.

Mobility Challenged Welcome for a Little Workout Fun

If you are worried that you won’t be able to keep up, relax. Grand Master Mark Shuey understands that some students need to learn at a different pace. The American Cane System of Martial Arts was developed to be a tool for those with mobility challenges, and the system evolved over the years into much more. Some of the stretches and exercises of Cane Chi can even be done from a prone position, like when you’re lying in bed. This is intentional, since Cane Chi was designed to help with physical rehabilitation of those suffering from mobility loss due to an injury or weakness.

Lively Cane Fu Still for Beginners Too

Even the livelier Cane Fu system of Martial Arts has many levels.  Still, every student begins at the bottom and works through the levels. At first glance, the exercises look too gentle to work.  From experience, I can promise they are incredibly effective. Doctors and  students alike have returned amazed feedback at their physical recover speed. Yet one of the things they are most surprised by was how much a little workout fun enhanced rehabilitation.

A Cane Doesn’t Have to Mean Weak

You might need a cane for mobility, but it doesn’t have to mean you’re weak.  The American Cane System entire program turns your cane from a plain medical aid, into a powerful weapon of self-defense. The cane becomes the powerful weapon in plain sight for use against attackers. You can regain the confidence to take steps outside your own home. Bring your cane, because unlike other weapons, canes can go anywhere with you, as a mobility aid. Come on into the Dojo; and have a little workout fun while you grow strong.