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About Us

The American Cane System was developed for seniors by 8 time World Champion - Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey Sr. He created his system in order to help individuals in all physical conditions find a method of exercise and martial arts, in which they are able to learn techniques that help them feel confident, capable, and able to defend themselves.  Mark has studied several forms of Martial Arts and was a student of the Chuck Norris system among others. He has created a system that allows one to study the cane in Martial Arts and to study from Yellow to Black Belt.

Mark Shuey offers several different systems in his program and credits his years of success in Martial Arts to a basis in Yoga. His systems consist of "The American Cane System",  "Yoga Play", "Cane Fu", "Cane Ja", "Cane Chi", and "Silver Dragons".  Each system is designed to cover specific needs within a training program.

Martial Arts classes offered with a cane are part of "The American Cane System" and are offered at Grand Masters Shuey’s North Lake Tahoe Martial Arts facility.  At this facility, we also offer traditional Tae Kwon Do instructions for all levels "Little Dragons ages 6 and up, through Black Belt.