Anatomy of a Fighting Cane – More Than a Crutch

A fighting cane is more than a crutch. It is a wonderfully inconspicuous, highly effective and sometimes, a deadly self-defense tool once you learn to use it. Yet, when people have to use a cane for mobility, their egos have a huge adjustment to undergo. Perhaps they don’t realize the statement a fighting cane can make. Perhaps they underestimate how handy that cane can be.

Because of its unobtrusive nature, a cane is a mobility device that goes anywhere, an exercise tool and a weapon. The American Cane System is dedicated to training seniors and mobility challenged students self-defense using a fighting cane. That, combined with special customization makes canes a hot accessory to take EVERYWHERE. Always have it when you need it, whether for walking or for wielding against would-be muggers.

fighting cane -more than a crutch
Anatomy of a Fighting Cane – More Than a Crutch

The Anatomy of a Fighting Cane

A regular walking cane has three notable parts: the tip, shaft and crook. A fighting cane, on the other hand, has four main parts: the tip, the shaft, the crook and the horn. Each part has a job to perform when the user is walking or defending. For instance, the tip make contact with the ground to support the user’s weight, taking the pressure off of an injured area. The shaft, or straight area of the cane is what makes the tip effective. Shafts can be different lengths, depending on the height and requirements of the user. The crook is the handle of the cane. It is also what the cane user holds to secure the support of the shaft and tip. The horn is the point of the crook. It is the opposite end of the cane from the tip. It is used in the American Cane System, more than while walking, but the horn is still a vital element of the fighting cane.

The Tip of the Fighting Cane

The tip is useful part of the cane. You are already holding the crook, so lifting the tip to jab an attacker is a natural and quick movement. That movement offers the advantage of increasing the distance between yourself and your attacker. The small part of the fighting cane tip acts to concentrate the force of your jab adding deeper penetration.

Shaft of the Fighting Cane

The shaft of the cane is more versatile than the other parts due to its length. The shaft can be used to block an attackers blow, protecting vital areas. It can be used as a striking surface, as in a side strike. The length of the shaft makes up for imperfect aim, giving you more leeway to still make effective strikes. Your hit can still be devastating even if your strike missed the target by two or three inches. When the shaft is customized it can support raking techniques.

The Crook of the Fighting Cane

The crook of the cane is the super handy part of the weapon. Other weapons don’t usually have a way to grab your opponent’s neck. The hook aids in throws, chokes and neck breaks. If you use the cane in this way, be cautious. You can kill an attacker more easily than people understand. When you are fighting to survive, remember: the techniques learned in The American Cane System can be lethal.  Because a cane more than a crutch, the power of a cane should be respected at all times.

The Horn of the Fighting Cane

The end of the cane’s crook is called the horn. It can be made softly rounded or can have a nasty sharp point. It can even sport fangs!  A horn made for self-defense might have a sharp point that is devastating when used for deep penetration of the tissues.

Now that you know the anatomy of the fighting cane and its use in self-defense, perhaps you understand why it’s more than a crutch. The American Cane System turns a cane from a sign of weakness into trained strength and agility. Join thousands of other American Cane System followers trained in self-defense by calling Grandmaster Mark Shuey at (775) 772-9471.


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