And Now for Something Cane-pletely Different

Created by a Champion

Grandmaster Mark Shuey Is a proven winner.  He has competed in many martial arts competitions and is an 8 time world champion.  Take a moment to consider that: GM Mark Shuey is an 8 times world champion competitor.   Now consider the training system that is something “cane-pletely” different.

Grandmaster Shuey founded The American Cane System to offer safe, self-defense training that capitalizes on your mobility aid, the cane.   Years ago, a group of senior women were out for a walk when they were molested.  Hearing this on the news Mark Shuey was livid on their behalf.  If only they had known how to defend themselves.  Grandmaster Shuey was inspired to create a completely different system of martial arts using a cane instead of a sword.  Those who use a cane for mobility could begin to use the cane for self-defense.

Remember, You Can’t Hide Mobility Issues, but you can capitalize on them.

The Cane Exercise System Grew

What followed was amazing.  Grandmaster Shuey spent decades training others in The American Cane System method of self-defense.  This is not your senior strikes back with their cane.  This is a complete system of strength and balance training within a martial arts cane exercise and self-defense system.  A new senior martial arts cane based self-defense movement was born.

The American Cane System evolved into the exercise and martial arts system that strengthens and trains disabled seniors. Maybe you think this is the system for grandma.  It might be, but it is much more.  If grandma is kick*ss this might be the program for her.  If she wants to be kick*ss, it still might be the program for her.  But get Grandpa into the program too so he can keep up with her.  Then get Mom and Dad into the program so they can keep up with both of them.  Then you should join so …well you get it.

Joint Friendly but Effective

Seriously, This system starts out gently, but the whole time, you are developing better breathing, healthier heart circulation, strength and balance.  Some pain that comes with age is unavoidable, but some heals when you care for your body. You can feel better, and you can start today.

Can’t do floor exercises?  Grandmaster Shuey will work with you at your level to increase your mobility, flexibility and wellness.  All you have to do, is subscribe to his virtual training.  Yes, you don’t even have to be in Lake Tahoe to benefit from his dojo training.  Grandmaster Shuey has gone virtual. 

Hate exercise?  You’ve been in the wrong exercise classes.  Grandmaster Shuey has found a way to make it fun.  Exercise can be fun, you know.  It’s all about your trainer.

GM Mark Shuey Sr. at National Karate Museum Kata Wars 2021

Not sure you want to bother?  Look at this video with Grandmaster Mark Shuey all the way to the end.  Having ease of movement once more is worth it.  Contact us for session times that are right for you or call us at (775) 772-9471.  Give us 6 weeks and we’ll give you a new you.  That’s because Grandmaster Mark Shuey’s virtual dojo training is something “cane-pletely” different!

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