Are Warrior Yoga Classes a Thing?

Want to breathe better, feel better, move better? Stop thinking yoga is for wimps and try a class. Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey has proven Yoga is more than a namby-pamby exercise method. Yoga masters know how to breathe properly, are fit, flexible and move better than ever. So is warrior yoga a thing? Not exactly, but the benefits of yoga are perfect for Cane Fu warriors. And to make it even better, Grandmaster Mark Shuey offers yoga classes through his virtual dojo, so you can join the class from your home. It doesn’t require a lot of space, and the benefits are incredible.

Why Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey Became Interested in Yoga

Once, debilitated from an accident, Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey discovered how yoga could be implemented into his regular routine to help him reduce the pain and improve his mobility. So, Even if you don’t want to be a warrior, but want better flexibility and fitness, yoga classes are a great choice. If you do love practicing martial arts, adding yoga to your regular regime will enhance your moves and add endurance. Do you still think yoga is for wusses? Maybe you need to look at the basic technics that can change every other move you make, and change your view of a warrior’s yoga.

How Pranayama Yoga Classes Impact Cane Fu Moves

Taking yoga classes.

Pranayama is the name for yoga breathing. Most people use only the upper chest to breathe. In our Pranayama yoga classes, we teach students to use three distinct regions to inhale a full breath, before holding for ten seconds and then exhaling. Sure, the first few times, you may cough out the exhale, but that improves.

The initial inhalation and exhalation is followed by organ work and then neck and torso limbering movements. You may hear a little snap, crackle and pop during this portion, but when you begin work on your Self-defense Cane Fu techniques, you will notice the extra flexibility you gave your limbs.

A quick note for new subscribers: It might only take about 5 minutes before you feel the improvement after performing all the techniques in the pranayama segment. If you follow the “fire breathing techniques” it will feel like your entire insides are warming and waking up.  

Sun Salutations Bring More Benefits

Our Sun Salutations A and B are designed to warm up the spine and improve the body’s energy. In other words Sun Salutations were created to engage, stretch and invigorate the body. If you plan to go through cane self-defense techniques, practicing moves, that energy will push your body to new levels. So, why do so many still think yoga isn’t a great partner to martial arts sparring and training?

Besides being a great way for yoga beginners to enjoy immediate benefits, or intermediate yoga practitioners to warm up, the sun salutation sequence is the perfect warmup for cane fu practice sessions.

The hidden beauty of sun salutations is in their mental pay offs. National Institutes of Health report regular practice of sun salutations improves muscle strength, endurance and body composition. reported a recent study that found this yogic series reduced “anxiety and stress levels than aerobic exercise did.”

How Warriors Can Join Yoga Classes

Now, why wouldn’t warriors practice yoga too? The beginner warmup exercises take barely 30 minutes three days a week, and enhance cane self-defense training from The American Cane System. Join thousands of other American Cane System yoga followers by calling Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey at (775) 772-9471. Grand Master Shuey can give you the hours and access information for the Virtual Dojo or information on his training videos.