Best Senior Self-Defense Program Online

Did you say the best SENIOR SELF-DEFENSE program?
Did you say the best SENIOR SELF-DEFENSE program?

As we get older, we get a little more vulnerable, and get targeted for violence to seniors. If you are tired of being afraid, then come join the best senior self-defense program online. The American Cane System (TACS) is brilliantly designed to turn a symbol of weakness into a force to be reckoned with.

Saying TACS is the best senior self-defense program specifically designed for seniors, doesn’t mean it’s for old people! We don’t feel old and we hope you don’t either. It’s just that we all need a place where we can get a little help with self-preservation and enjoy the process.

Why Senior Self-defense is so important

Years ago, Grandmaster Mark Shuey became outraged at a mugging of three older women walking in a park. One of the women had a cane for mobility, and Grandmaster Shuey couldn’t help but think that all along, she had a self-defense aid, had she known how to use it. Shuey proceeded to design The American Cane System (TACS) to show senior citizens and others who are mobility impaired how to defend themselves. It was time to stop being targeted by learning from the best senior self-defense program online, TACS.

Why The Cane is part of the best senior self-defense program online

When someone uses a cane to offset balance or weakness issues, others assume they’re an easy target. Regardless of whether it is pity or malfeasance, it is insulting to those of us who might use a cane. When you train for strength and agility and learn to use the cane properly, you aren’t weak. But you can turn their assumptions regarding your weakness into one more weapon in your arsenal, the powerful element of surprise. I really like the irony in taking the cane, a humble symbol of weakness and turning it into a powerful aid in senior self-defense.

Sure you could train to use a pistol and carry it with you…to some places. Maybe you would even get a CCW (carry concealed weapon) permit. But you can’t take it on a plane. You can’t take it to the theater, stadium or many other public areas. And where you can take your pistol or gun, you still have to pull it out of the holster to use it. If your mugger gets there first, your CCW just became a weapon against you.

The Cane Is always out and ready for use – either as a mobility aid, or as a self-defense aid. You just need to learn how to use it effectively.

The Original Best Senior Self Defense Program

TACS is the original cane based self defense program. It was created by Grandmaster Mark Shuey for seniors who don’t want to be victims anymore. Why go somewhere else when you can learn the original PROVEN techniques from the program creator, Grandmaster Mark Shuey. His techniques have stood the test of time, and are used around the world. Yet you can still learn from the original master, here at the American Cane System.

Join thousands of other American Cane System followers trained in self-defense by calling Grandmaster Mark Shuey at (775) 772-9471. Grandmaster Shuey can give you the hours and access information for the Virtual Dojo or information on his training videos.