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the importance of stretches

Importance of Stretches

By Jo Gardner | September 27, 2021 |

One of the most beneficial exercises for the body, stretching relaxes tightly knotted muscles and helps increase blood circulation to those muscles.

Cane Chi Stretches in Exercise & Wellness manual

Cane Chi Exercise Manual for Wellness

By Jo Gardner | September 14, 2021 |

The Cane Chi exercise manual, available by contacting Grandmaster Mark Shuey is the go to system for rehabilitation and healing.


Training Manuals and Videos Coming Soon

By Jo Gardner | August 31, 2021 |

https://www.TheAmericanCaneSystem.com is opening a new shopping webpage for training manuals and videos!

cane for health

The Cane for Health

By Jo Gardner | July 29, 2021 |

First of all, always consult with a medical professional before taking on a new exercise program.  Even though these exercises use the cane for health, your physician can guide you on how much to take on. More than Mobility Aid But those who use a cane as a mobility aid, already know the cane has…

Something Cane-pletely Different

And Now for Something Cane-pletely Different

By Jo Gardner | June 29, 2021 |

Take a moment to consider that: GM Mark Shuey is an 8 times world champion competitor. Now consider the training system that is something “cane-pletely” different.

Begin Cane Exercise with Stretches

The Difference Between Cane Exercise & Other Workouts

By Jo Gardner | June 24, 2021 |

“Stretching is one of the most beneficial exercises for the body. It helps relax tight knotted muscles and helps increase blood circulation to the muscles.” – from The Cane Exercise, Wellness, and Rehabilitation Manual Vol. 1

Safe training that packs a powerful punch

Pick up Your Cane and Let’s Move!

By Jo Gardner | May 28, 2021 |

Cane training under powerhouse Grandmaster Mark Shuey offers safe training that packs a powerful punch.

why seniors should use a cane

Why Seniors Should Use Canes

By Jo Gardner | May 25, 2021 |

The cane is a mobility aide as well as a medical aide, but a cane is also a weapon.

KATA Wares 2021

KATA Wars 2021- And The Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey

By Jo Gardner | April 28, 2021 |

on May 8th, National Sport Karate Museum Presents: KATA Wars Championship, a PKA recommended elite event.

best martial arts for people over 50

The Best Form of Martial Arts for People Over 50

By Jo Gardner | April 22, 2021 |

The American Cane System was developed specially for older students of Martial Arts.