Cane-Chi – A Fitness and Rehab System

Eight time world champion and Grand Master Mark Shuey, with the help of Dr. John Ruberto, Bruce Vinciguerra and Timothy House Introduced Cane Chi. It was a whole new cane-based exercise program with an emphasis on wellness. Cane Chi isn’t martial arts. Instead, it combines resistance bands as well as a cane into a great physical rehab and fitness program. Mark Shuey Sr. offers sessions featuring stretches, balance sets, isometric exercises and resistance band exercises. Each of these exercises is designed to use a cane to improve strength, flexibility and overall fitness. It was one more way grandmaster Mark Shuey Sr. felt he could improve senior independence and wellness.

A Cane Chi Overview

Cane Chi Rehab

Cane Chi was developed specifically to rebuild strength, flexibility and fitness, so the training begins with easy to follow routines. The low impact drills train muscles and joints with negligible stress on them. While the exercises are gentle enough to be done from a seated or prone position, they deliver proven strength and flexibility results. Resistance bands are included in strengths ranging from light to medium. Any Cane Chi workout can be intensified by replacing your resistance band with a higher resistance level band as you grow stronger and more fit.

As in martial arts training, the Cane Chi keeps your body in constant motion using its unique series of gentle circular physical exercises and stretches. Grandmaster Mark Shuey instructs through each slow, focused movement explaining the deep breathing that should accompany each. Though Cane Chi is considered a type of meditative movement, its moves differ from those in yoga.

Cane Chi Rehab and Fitness Benefits

Cane Chi is a remarkable tool for physical rehabilitation. Grandmaster Mark Shuey has heard responses from several doctors who were amazed by a patient’s recovery progress after training in Cane Chi. Additionally, as in other exercise programs, Cane Chi is part of an overall approach to better health. Regular participation can increase energy and endurance, improve breathing, reduce anxiety and depression, decrease stress, lighten moods, improve balance, increase flexibility, agility, and increase muscle strength and definition.

No Heavy Equipment Needed

You don’t need a lot of equipment for your Cane Chi fitness sessions. You need a computer or smart TV, an internet connection for streaming classes, a cane, and a set of resistance bands. Sets with a cane and several resistance bands are available by contacting us or by visiting our market. You can train in Cane Chi anywhere, at home or in a park, indoors or outdoors, and alone or in a group class. Cane Chi is generally safe, but you should consult with your health care professional before joining. Grand Master Mark Shuey can go over modifications of postures or training.

Getting Started on Your Fitness Journey

The American Cane System and grandmaster Mark Shuey offer everything you need to begin training. Training is available via DVD, a Cane Chi starter kit, subscription to virtual dojo group sessions or private Cane Chi sessions. Contact us to request information, schedules and pricing. Taking twelve weeks of classes can deliver benefits in strength and balance. The longer you continue the program, the longer those benefits last. As you become more skilled in Cane Chi, the benefits to your health and wellness become still greater. Cane Chi is a mind soothing, calming routine. While it should be practiced in a regularly scheduled routine, taking a few minutes to complete the exercises whenever you have a quick break can also help you achieve calm in hectic situations.

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  1. Bill Casey on May 25, 2023 at 10:46 pm

    This is good. Keep in mind that the name Cane Chi did not exist until 2013, although the exercise program was part of Cane Fu in 2008, and as the stand alone Exercise with the Cane before then. Cane Chi is the name given for the overall umbrella construct that includes Mark’s Yoga and all exercise related materials, with additional suggestions, such as Jim Bouchard’s Tai Chi Cane DVD video.

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