Cane Chi Exercise Manual for Wellness

In an earlier post, we talked about manuals that will be available on  The Cane Chi exercise manual, available by contacting Grandmaster Mark Shuey is the go to system for rehabilitation and healing.

Cane Chi exercise, wellness and rehabilitation manual Volume I, is jam packed with stretching, toning and strengthening exercises.  In an introduction by grandmaster Mark Shuey, he speaks about how excited he is to provide a manual he believes will help so many.  In fact, Cane Chi has helped thousands who use a mobility cane.  It helps injured who need different exercises, and those who need to rebuild strength that immobility had sapped.  To design an effective program, Grandmaster Mark Shuey consulted with Dr. John Ruberto, a physical therapist instructor and The International Matsumura Seito Society member.  Dr John loves the Cane.  He is an 8th Dan in Martial Arts and is dedicated to the safely healing through the Cane Chi program.

Cane Chi Stretches

Cane Chi Stretches in Exercise & Wellness manual
Cane Chi Exercise & Wellness manual

Cane Chi starts with stretches.  Stretches are one of the most beneficial exercises for a body.  They relax tightened, knotted muscles and enhance blood circulation to those muscles.  Stretches can also relieve cramping, stiffness and avoid injuries caused when exercising without proper warmup.  As with every program by Grandmaster Mark Shuey, safety is a priority and safe breathing tips appear throughout the manual.

Isometric / Isotonic Cane Chi Exercises

In Isometric exercises an individual pushes a muscle or part of the body against an immovable object.  The muscles don’t expand or contract. Isotonic means same tension. Isotonic exercises help us maintain strength over full range of motion.  Both relieve stiff and eroding muscles.  Isometric and isotonic cane exercises increase bone density and muscle strength.  In the manual and corresponding training video, Grandmaster Shuey gives detailed instruction and tips throughout.

Cane Toning and Strengthening Resistance Exercises

The cane and resistance bands make up an economical, compact resistance system you can take anywhere, or use at home.  As you continue to condition your muscles and build strength, you can reverse bone density loss and muscle deterioration. Soon, you will discover you are feeling much better than before you began.  The wellness sneaks up on many people, but is a wonderful discovery.

Floor exercises

For those of you able to sit on a floor, there are a series of floor exercises you can follow to build body tone and strength using your resistance bands.

Chair Exercises

While seated on a chair, there are several exercises you can do using resistance bands and your cane.  These exercises strengthen several areas of the body toning and strengthening those areas.  As you work your way through the manual exercises, you are strengthening and toning your body but there is one more aspect of wellness that needs your attention and that is balance.

Balancing Exercises

Using your cane for stability, grandmaster Mark Shuey takes you through several simple balance exercises.  The more you progress through the series of cane based exercises, the more you can develop your balance. 

By the end of the manual, you will be astonished at how great it feels to go through those exercises.  Take a moment to recall how it felt when you started and realize how far you have come.  That is the reason Grandmaster Mark Shuey developed the Cane Chi wellness system using the cane.  Once that cane was seen as a sign of weakness.  By the end of the manual, you have turned the cane into a wellness tool.  For just the price of a manual you are on your way to rehabilitation and wellness.