Cane Chi Uses Canes to Build Strength

Canes as strength building device

Pick up your cane!  Seniors who hated the idea of using the cane as a mobility device have discovered a way to own it!  By using the cane in Cane Chi and Cane Fu exercises, students of The American Cane System are gaining health and mobility.  Every day, Grandmaster Mark Shuey is streaming the virtual dojo with stretches built around the cane.  That cane used to shout disability. Today, it is the foundation for a whole system of exercises building flexibility and strength.

Cane Chi Stretches

As Grandmaster (GM) Mark Shuey noted in his Cane Chi Manual, “Stretching is one of the most beneficial exercises for the body.” Stretching relaxes tight knotted muscles even as it increases blood circulation to those muscles.  Grandmaster Shuey trains people across the country on stretches even more effective because they use the cane to open lungs. Side bends is one of the most basic stretches. Adding a cane when you do your side bends opens you to deep breathing. Hold the cane at each end of the shaft and position your feet one shoulder width apart.  Take a deep breath slowly.  Start exhaling and lean to your right.  Keep exhaling through your stretch. 

Take another deep breath and sink deeper into the stretch.  Relax. With the left arm, gently push outward.  Do NOT force it.  Listen to your body.  Place the tip of the cane on the floor and push to come back up.  Inhale on your way back up.  Now repeat for the left side and remember, relaxing is the key to stretching.  Want more?  Contact us for your own Cane Chi instructional manual and videos.

Rehabilitating Shoulders, Knees And More

GM Mark Shuey Cane Chi System has shoulder rotations, triceps and shoulder stretches and wrist single hand cane rotations.  As you gently move through the stretches at your own pace, you begin to become more flexible.  The stiffness falls away and before spring is here, you are moving like you’re years younger.  It is one of the things that inspires us about the American Cane System.  Following The American Cane System exercises helps your body rehabilitate and become healthier.

What if you can’t stand long enough to do the stretches?   Mark Shuey has been known to modify his stretches to accommodate many different levels of fitness.  Some of his exercises can be done from a reclining position.  He has a series of stretches, both physical and isometric in nature.  But what GM Mark Shuey is passionate about, is helping mobility challenged people regain movement and rehabilitate their injured limbs.  Keep in mind that GM Shuey created the American Cane System himself. 

GM Shuey has been known to Modify the Program for Those Who Need it

Since that time, he has helped thousands of people regain mobility they thought they had lost forever.  The system was originally created as a way to help a defenseless targeted age group of people regain strength and independence.  Today, GM Shuey continues to help people move into fitness and health no matter where they start.  If you already subscribe to the virtual dojo, you know all about the benefits.  If you haven’t subscribed yet, contact us to find out more about how we can help you find your fitness once more.