Cane Martial Arts – Something Completely Different!

The Beginning

The American Cane System is designed to teach its followers self-defense using a cane.  The program is a modified form of Martial Arts that lends itself to devotees with mobility issues who walk with a cane.  It began, with a concern that the disabled were being targeted for attacks.

GM Mark Shuey, American Cane System

Meet eight-time national champion Grand Master Mark Shuey.  Years ago, Mark was visiting family when a news report featured a mugging of three elderly women who where out for a walk.  One of the women depended on a cane to help her on her walk.  Amazingly, Mark realized the cane she used as a walking aid could have been a weapon of self-defense.  It was with her the whole time.  From that point, Grand Master Shuey set to work on a custom designed cane specially crafted to make it a more versatile weapon.  He then revamped martial art self-defense techniques to make them easier for seniors and disabled to master.  Grand Master Shuey founded Cane Masters and the American Cane System.  The idea grew like wildfire.  Veterans, disabled, elderly began getting fit as they learned self-defense techniques from Mark Shuey’s programs.  Instead of being vulnerable targets to muggers and attacks, this group began to grow in confidence, independence and fitness. 

Cane Fu

New programs sprouted out of the original American Cane System.  Cane Fu is a robust self-defense school of martial arts.  The moves in basic Cane Fu can be learned quickly.  You don’t have to be powerful or even fast to be effective.  The basic level of Cane Fu includes striking an attacker in the knee, shin, or elbow.  It even teaches participants the proper technique of poking your cane into an attackers stomach.  It takes time to move into advanced techniques.  That time is used to strengthen, tone and prepare students for future self-defense techniques. 

Seniors who have tried the program say they feel empowered by it.  This is not just about self-defense when attacked.  It is also about gaining confidence and peace of mind from knowing you could defend yourself when attacked.  Meanwhile, the techniques help build arm strength, while others teach how to move your feet and position your body for a better, more effective swing. Some seniors have gained so much new leg strength from Cane Fu, that they are able to wean themselves from their walkers. 

Cane Ja

Another program, Cane Ja is referred to as the street fighting cane system.  Participants learn the down and dirty combative cane techniques.  In Cane Ja, the focus is purely on the street fighting moves of self-defense using a cane to your advantage.  There will be no question of what to do when attacked. This self-defense training includes tactics for defense against multiple attackers, defense against an assailant armed with a gun, defense on public transportation, female specific defense against a male assailant, pressure point defense and many more self-defense technique variations that could save your life and wellbeing.

Cane Chi

And then there is the program called Cane Chi.  In Cane Chi, people in need of a rehabilitation program for knee, ankle or hip injuries finally found a program they could actually enjoy!  Meanwhile, the participants found they were actually healing much faster than their doctors had predicted.  Grand Master Shuey with the help of a doctor developed Cane Chi.  As a program, Cane Chi induces mental relaxation and meditation.  With the use of resistance bands and a cane, however, it became a rehabilitation plan as well.  GM Shuey is quick to remind you to check with your doctor first.  He is confident that Doc will approve the exercises in the plan.  And when the plan is fun to implement, the patient is more likely to follow it regularly.  The results have been amazing.  The great thing about each of the American Cane System disciplines, is that they are different, fresh fun for people in any age group.  Dojo sessions are live streamed to subscribers or you can use the recorded sessions to practice on your time schedule.  The American Cane System covers self-defense techniques and exercises with your cane that help rebuild strength, balance and confidence.  Sessions are live Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 a.m. PDT / Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. PDT.  Try it and experience the ease of technique training and

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