About that New Year’s Fitness Resolution…

About that new year's fitness resolution

The Holidays have come and gone. It’s a new year.  Unless you use a little time to get more fit and flexible, how will you enjoy it?  Luckily, moving with us at The American Cane System is a fun healthy way to keep that new year’s fitness resolution.   We think the fun in fitness and…

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My Secret to Better Health This Holiday Season

Secret to better health this holiday season

I love a good secret, don’t you? When that secret is the difference between feeling okay and feeling GREAT, I am especially excited about sharing it. So here’s my secret to better health for the holidays:  Deep Breathing in Yoga Play at the Virtual Dojo. Oh, there’s lots more to Yoga Play, but the most…

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Yoga at the Virtual Dojo

Yoga Sessions Include Deep Breathing

Some of you may still not realize the American Cane System added Yoga classes in the schedule. Once I thought I was rather good at breathing. In a recent conversation with Grandmaster Shuey, I think I remarked that a day didn’t go by in which I didn’t breathe several times. Then Grandmaster Mark Shuey explained…

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My Secret Weapon – The American Cane System


Secret Weapon – The Amercian Cane System Written and Contributed by Jo Gardner, Student They tell me I’m older now.  Sometimes I feel it, but other days, I’m irritated that I have been categorized as a “senior”.  Sure, I love the discounts at restaurants and banks.  But I am frustrated by the patronizing way millennials…

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5 Ways of Getting Back a Spring In Your Step This Spring

getting back a spring in your step

It’s Spring!  In Nevada that means it’s getting hot!  For everywhere north of Nevada, It means mild temperatures are back and people are getting outdoors again.  That’s great since it gives us the lift we sometimes need to get fit.  If you struggle to get moving again, explore these five ways of getting back a…

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Cane Chi Uses Canes to Build Strength

Cane Chi using Cane for strength

Canes as strength building device Pick up your cane!  Seniors who hated the idea of using the cane as a mobility device have discovered a way to own it!  By using the cane in Cane Chi and Cane Fu exercises, students of The American Cane System are gaining health and mobility.  Every day, Grandmaster Mark…

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First, Full Yogic Breath

full yogic breath

Cane Fu, But First, Breathe Before you kick, before you learn defensive arcs with your cane, learn to breathe.  “Of course I’m breathing; I’m alive,” you react.  We’re not talking about the light breathing of regular living.   We’re talking about the kind of breathing that strengthens your lungs and gets the toxins out.  Full yogic…

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New Year’s Resolutions or Not

American Cane System New Year's Resolution

Fun New Year Facts Here’s a fun New Year’s Fact for you: Forty-five percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. The top resolutions are lose weight, get organized, spend less, save more, stay fit and healthy, and quit smoking.  Whew!  No wonder a quarter of those making resolutions give up on them by the second week…

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Healthy for the Holidays

healthy for the holidays

Hanukkah is past and Christmas is just around the corner. Though this is usually a wonderful time of year for friends and family to gather, there are additional health risks during the Christmas season.  Some are accidents, but others are consequences of physical and emotional stress.  There are holiday health risks, but you can help…

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