Healthy for the Holidays

Hanukkah is past and Christmas is just around the corner. Though this is usually a wonderful time of year for friends and family to gather, there are additional health risks during the Christmas season.  Some are accidents, but others are consequences of physical and emotional stress.  There are holiday health risks, but you can help your body stay healthy for the holidays.

healthy for the holidays
healthy for the holidays

Decorating Risks

Yes, decorating injuries ranks high on the holiday injury list.  Hanging Christmas lights sets a festive tone, but it causes tens of thousands of injuries each year.  The key to safety include stabilizing the ladder on a flat surface, wear sturdy shoes and skip the pre-lights eggnog.

Contagious illnesses 

Sometimes I hear people in colder regions say they can’t go out without their heads covered, or they will catch their death of a cold.  Colds and other contagious diseases stem from exposure to viruses when your immune system is not at its best.  Stress is a significant factor in reducing your immune system efficiency. Family gatherings during the holidays increases the chances of exposure to viruses.  Your best way to avoid resulting illness and stay healthy for the holidays is to fortify your body through exercise. 

Exercise Keeps Us Healthy for the Holidays

The benefits of exercise are multi-fold.  Regular exercise reduces stress, anxiety and depression. The Mayo clinic, in its article on Exercise and Stress: Get moving to manage stress notes that exercise pumps up your endorphins and reduces negative effects of stress.  Not only does exercise make you feel better mentally, but it improves your body physically.  Exercise helps your body systems work together through systems like the flight or fight response and more.  Protecting your body from stress also improves your cardiovascular, digestive and immune systems.  This is critical especially if you are in a group at risk of cardiac issues.

Cardiological Risk During the Holidays

According to the AHA journals, cardiac mortality is higher around Christmas than at any other time!  During the December holiday season, millions living in the US suddenly alter their lifestyle.  Everything from travel, diet, drink, exercise, work and vacations change to accommodate the season.  Even with all these changes stressing the system, people tend to put off getting medical treatment for their cardio symptoms until after the holidays.

Martial Arts Blended with Yoga

There is a trend in exercise that improves health regardless of age.  Martial arts is viewed as a physically demanding method of training.  By incorporating yoga into the martial arts discipline, Grandmaster Mark Shuey turned fitness training into wellness training.  Even those in poor shape can participate and benefit as the self-transformative techniques tone and engage the students.

Key to Being Healthy for the Holidays Could be at the Dojo

Holidays are a magical time of year, when hope changes people and families reunite to strengthen bonds.  Keeping healthy for the holidays starts with keeping to your fitness and dietary routines.  Even as you enjoy getting together, you can help your body fight off illness and cardiovascular diseases with exercise and moderation.  You might be surprised at how much more you enjoy the holidays when you stick to your exercises and cane-chi techniques at the Dojo.  You can train at home or anywhere you have internet access, because Grandmaster Shuey offers virtual Dojo access by subscription.  Contact GM Shuey directly or call 775-772-9471 to get class schedule and pricing information and start feeling better soon.