How to Fight the Danger of Hate Crimes Against Seniors

Myths about Hate Crimes Against Seniors actually put Seniors in Danger

  • Myth #1 Hate Crimes against Seniors Don’t Happen
  • Myth #2 Training in Self Defense is Dangerous for Seniors

Fact: Hate crimes against seniors, especially Asian Americans, have surged since COVID pandemic began.

It’s kind of strange to hear about hate crimes against seniors. I’m no teenager, but I always think they’re talking about someone else, until I realize I’m a senior too. Still, it isn’t me I’m worried about. When I hear about any hate crimes against seniors, regardless of ethnicity, I think about my own parents in their nineties. I can’t imagine how awful I would feel if someone singled them out to harm.

how to fight hate crimes against seniors
Its Time to Fight Hate Crimes Against Seniors

My parents are feisty, but kindhearted retired schoolteachers, who have given to their community all their lives. They have attended every fundraising spaghetti dinner they could and supported cause after cause. In spite of long days, they also devoted hours to after school requests for anything the school, fellow teachers, parents or students needed. But until I introduced them to the American Cane System by Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey, they were vulnerable.

Time Is Not Always Our Friend

Let’s face it, our bodies get weaker with age unless we fight back. The American Cane System is a comprehensive self defense system. Before learning the stances and moves, grandmaster Shuey takes his students through strength and agility building exercises.  

Safety of the American Cane System

When I talk about Grandmaster Shuey’s program under the American Cane System, I am usually asked about the danger of working out in a virtual dojo. I have to stop people here. Of course talk to your doctor first. But before you worry about how dangerous it is, talk to Grandmaster Shuey about sitting in on a class. The danger is in not training in self-defense. I say this because Grandmaster Shuey is incredibly conscientious about making sure his training is conducted in a safe manner. His program was created with mobility challenged seniors in mind. The stretches and exercises might actually feel mild to you when you first try them, but you will soon realize the impact they are having on your strength and agility.

Just learning to breathe correctly has made an incredible difference for so many, including me. For years I thought I was fine, only to realize how long it had been since I took a truly deep breath, and how empowering it can be to do so.

Why am I sharing all of this?  I share my training experience under Grand Cane Master Shuey, because it’s time to fight hate crimes against seniors. Grandmaster Shuey’s American Cane System training can help you feel like a new you, while you learn self-defense for seniors. Get the rest of the story. Call Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey at 775.772.9471 and ask about his virtual dojo sessions beginning again, and how to join safely. Then check with your doctor before you attempt any new activity.

See you there!

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