My Secret Weapon – The American Cane System

Secret Weapon – The Amercian Cane System Written and Contributed by Jo Gardner, Student

They tell me I’m older now.  Sometimes I feel it, but other days, I’m irritated that I have been categorized as a “senior”.  Sure, I love the discounts at restaurants and banks.  But I am frustrated by the patronizing way millennials brush me aside like I am inconsequential.  I may be a senior, but I have a secret weapon – The American Cane System and Grand Cane Master Shuey.  Grandmaster Shuey can train me to turn the “senior mobility device” known as a cane, into an incredible self-defense instrument.

Secret Weapon – The American Cane System

The Cane Does Not Steal Independence; It Gives It.

In my family, the cane is a touchy subject.  My family is fiercely independent.  My dad reluctantly began using a cane at 92 years old.  At 90, my mother is still fighting it.  I have decided to use it much sooner.  I have decided to train well, so my cane is also an instrument of self-defense. 

I’m Not Old Enough to Need a Cane, Am I?

I don’t feel old enough to be targeted but then my ID was stolen and someone filed for unemployment benefits under my name. I still work, and I am not unemployed, and if someone is going to get funds for being me, it should be me.  But I began to think about whether, as a senior, I am a target because I am not tech savvy?  The answer I faced was disconcerting.  Yes, simply by celebrating another year of life, I have become a target.

Fighting Back With a Secret Weapon – The American Cane System

I may be a target for hoodlums, but this boomer, as the current generation calls me, is going to fight back.  I do not need a cane as a mobility aid.  I need a cane and training to win back my confidence, my self-reliance, and my fitness.  I turned to Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey for training and found my secret weapon – The American Cane System.

Grand Master Mark Shuey told me, in six weeks, I could feel like a new person if I follow the program.  Daily training could shorten that to five weeks, less frequent training could lengthen it to eight weeks.  Regardless, I want to feel like a healthier me, don’t you?

From the Beginning

We all have to start somewhere, and Grand Master Shuey begins with teaching the correct way to breathe.  I didn’t know I was breathing wrong, but when I followed his training on this, I was amazed at how different it feels.  My whole body feels like it is finally getting oxygen for the first time in years! 

Getting Fit Improves Quality of Life

As I continue to subscribe to Grand Cane Master Shuey’s Virtual Dojo, I am building body strength, flexibility and confidence.  I am not a fitness freak.  I have a wide lazy streak.  I just want to enjoy life. Yet every day I become more certain that my quality of life improves as I become more fit.  Learning to fight back is the icing on the cake.  Join me.  Turn your cane from a mobility aid to a symbol of self-reliance, independence and fitness. 

My Secret Weapon can be Your Secret Too!

I’ll share my secret weapon – The American Cane System  with you.  Learn self-defense from the creator of martial arts designed for Boomers. Join American Cane System followers trained in self-defense by calling Grandmaster Mark Shuey at (775) 772-9471.  Just make sure you check with your doctor before you take on any new activity.