New Year’s Resolutions or Not

Fun New Year Facts

Here’s a fun New Year’s Fact for you: Forty-five percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. The top resolutions are lose weight, get organized, spend less, save more, stay fit and healthy, and quit smoking.  Whew!  No wonder a quarter of those making resolutions give up on them by the second week of January.  Regular workouts are hard to stick to as a new year’s resolution.  But cane-chi techniques with Grandmaster (GM) Shuey at the Dojo make workouts fun.  You can train at home or anywhere you have internet access, because GM Shuey offers virtual Dojo access by subscription. 

at the virtual dojo
mornings with GM Mark Shuey at the Virtual Dojo

Resolution or Lifestyle?

Or don’t make a new year’s resolution at all. It has been all over the news. With waves of new COVID variants developing, your best new year’s resolution could be stress management.  Take some quiet wellness time to give yourself the chance to stay healthy. That sounds good to us.  We always agreed that all of us need to take time for healthy deep breathing.  That need is one of the reasons for the virtual dojo.  This new year, instead of resolving to lose weight, come feel the wellness weekday mornings with GM Mark Shuey at the Virtual Dojo.   

It’s in the Blend

Grandmaster Mark Shuey live streams a blend of yoga, Cane Chi and Cane Ja training.  Before he shares his unique martial arts program techniques, he builds up body health, flexibility and strength.   His workouts are profound, but you don’t need to be a master to participate. 

There is a reason blended exercise training improves health regardless of age.  Even though martial arts is a physically demanding method of training, Grandmaster Mark Shuey has found a way to ease you into it.  By incorporating yoga into the martial arts discipline, Grandmaster Mark Shuey turned fitness training into wellness training.  Even those in poor shape can participate and benefit as the self-transformative techniques tone and engage the students.

Effective Training can Still be Fun

From the beginning, Grandmaster Shuey has taken care to remind you, do not push through pain.  There are ways to train without hurting your body. Still, even in the light version, you will rediscover how to develop and maintain healthy lungs, more flexible joints and stronger muscles.  And remember how you used to be able to balance yourself even if you had to bend over to pick something up from the ground?  The American Cane System has the stretches, moves and techniques to regain balance, and it’s fun.

Don’t Stress

The experts are saying one of the most important things you can do for yourself in this new year, is to take the time to wind down.  Stress is a significant factor in reducing your immune system efficiency. There is good news.  Through exercise and training, you’ll manage stress and boost endorphins.  Those endorphins are going to help us feel better even before our bodies get fully fit.  When you are ready to act you’re your new year’s resolution, Contact GM Shuey or call 775-772-9471 to get class schedule and pricing information.