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Cane-Fu (Traditional Martial Art)

Mark Shuey, an expert in Tae kwon do and Hapkido and founder of Cane Masters, offers virtual and person to person "Cane-Fu" training.  Cane-Fu” or "Cane fighting, is taught as a self-defense technique for people of all ages, in multiple stages of mobility.  Cane-Fu has been endorsed by several other martial arts organizations and is taught by accredited trainers in many locations.  Cane-Fu is especially beneficial to seniors as a form of self defense and abuse prevention, and as a confidence, independence and fitness tool.


Cane-Ja (Tactical Fighting)

Cane Ja is a system of strictly "street style" self defense using the cane. Nothing but techniques demonstrated in a wide variety of situations in which you may encounter an aggressor.


Cane-Chi (Cane Excercise)

Cane Chi is a complete exercise, fitness and rehabilitation system designed to be performed using the cane with or without a resistance band. It includes balancing techniques as well as isometric and isotonic exercises.


Yoga Play

GM (Grand Master) Shuey attributes his wins to his regular practice of yoga fitness techniques. You too can train in Yoga Play through his videos that focus on different aspects of yoga.

Silver Dragons

Silver Dragons Program

The American Cane System includes the Silver Dragons Martial Arts Program.  Within the Silver Dragons curriculum, there are three sash levels that precede the black sash, or black belt level.  Techniques and katas must be learned prior to progressing to the next level of training.  Once a devotee has successfully completed the Silver Dragons Program, he or she may become an instructor in several of the other American Cane System programs.   For an explanation of the ACS by Mark Shuey, please click here. Contact information for instruction can be found here. The American Cane System Ranking Requirements are here.


Earn Your Belts - Yellow to Black

Warrior Cane Project

Warrior Cane Project

Through donations to this non-profit organization,that has been able to offer 3 hour cane workshops and a cane free of charge to all military veterans across the country.

The Warrior Cane Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that can only survive with your donations. There is absolutely no charge incurred by any veteran who attends one of these seminars.

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Design Your Own Program

We offer the ability to design your own custom Cane-Fu class depending on your needs! Just reach out to our team and tell them which programs you would like to combine, and they will create a custom program for you.