Silver Dragons

Silver Dragons
Silver Dragons

Silver Dragons is a specially designed, low impact Martial Arts program. Get information on this popular program by contacting the American Cane System. There are optional ways to attend sessions.  Followers attend Silver Dragons and other martial arts programs either in person or through the virtual dojo. The techniques featured in Silver Dragons have been modified to make them accessible to people suffering from injuries or other physical restrictions.  Not everyone is ready for full throttle martial art programs.  For them, this low impact, less intense Silver Dragons program offers a wealth of martial arts fitness and fun.   Benefits offered by the Silver Dragons programs include enhanced balance, increased strength and better flexibility.   It also produces improved coordination, expanded range of movement, better reflexes, safety awareness and self-defense.  In short, Silver Dragons produces better overall health and fitness in those who practice the discipline.

Silver Dragon Sash Levels

There are three levels to complete in the Silver Dragons program,  before the trainee can progress to the black sash, or black belt level.  The levels seem deceptively simple, yet additional disciplines are required before you can progress from one level to the next.

To complete the first sash level – The trainee must know everything required to qualify as a Cane-Fu  Facilitator, but does not have to become one.  The Silver Dragons trainee must also know the first 2 katas with the dominant hand and all that is on ranking (DVD number 4)
No GI (uniform) is required, though you must have the Silver Dragons t-shirt.  No ranking will be given to you until you achieve the status of the black sash, or black belt.

The second sash level of the Silver Dragons program is represented by 2 black stripes on the sash.  To complete the second sash level, the trainee must know the American Cane System ranking DVD number 5.  The student must also be able to demonstrate katas from ranking 3,4 and 5 with dominant hand.

On to the third sash level of the Silver Dragons.  This level is represented with 3 black stripes on the belt.  In the third level, devotees must know the material on American Cane System ranking DVDs numbers 6 and 7.  They must then write about his/her journey with the cane.

Once the three sash levels of the Silver Dragons are successfully completed, the devotee is ready to advance to the black sash or belt. He or she must get a GI and must be able to do American Cane System Ranking DVD number 8.  To test for a black belt, the candidate must complete a seminar presented in front of the other seminar attendees.   There is help available.  In this presentation, the candidate may introduce GM Shuey to help with the seminar.

Fun and Fit Virtually

All of this explains the process, but doesn’t cover any of the fun.  There is movement, learning, fitness and more when you start on your Silver Dragons journey.  Today, there are many health concerns.  It is especially convenient then, to begin your journey from your own living room, following a Grand Master, Mark Shuey.  The virtual dojo sessions are available in recorded DVD format, or by live streaming the virtual dojo.  An alternative introductory Silver Dragons package is available to help trainees learn from home.   If you opt for the training package, you will find it includes the silver Sash 1st stripe: silver dragons training cane with the silver Dragon Laser engraved on the shaft, a membership certificate and an instruction volume on the basic Foundation of Cane-Fu.

Train Others

Once a candidate has successfully completed the Silver Dragons curriculum and exams, he or she can train others in the American Cane System schools of Cane-Fu or Cane-Ja.  The Silver Dragons program, as in each of the disciplines in the American Cane System is based on the use of the cane as a weapon of self-defense as well as a tool for exercise.

The American Cane System is a traditional martial arts curriculum and can be incorporated into any school. You can subscribe to the virtual dojo sessions for just a month, a half year, or a full year and enjoy live and recorded training sessions.  Train in the privacy of your own home or go to your nearest park to stream the Dojo. The American Cane System covers self-defense techniques and exercises with your cane.  Sessions are live Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 a.m. PDT / Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. PDT.  Try it and experience the ease of technique training and mobility enhancing exercises. 

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