TACS is Your “Self Defense Classes Near Me”

TACS Separated to Focus on Wellness and Self-Defense

Years ago, when searching for “self defense classes near me”, The American Cane System might not have been the first result, but it is the best one. The American Cane System was once part of Cane Masters, which was also founded by Grandmaster Mark Shuey. As a result, searches for it primarily brought up Cane Masters. Today, The American Cane System’s self-defense classes are taught under its own name, by creator and founder, Grandmaster Mark Shuey.

Searching for Self Defense Classes near me to find TACS
Searching for “self defense classes near me”,

A few years ago, to focus more closely on helping people regain their energy and confidence, Cane Masters was separated from The American Cane System. Grandmaster Mark Shuey devoted his energy to developing the self defense classes near me that people sought. It was a tough decision, but cane production took Grandmaster Mark Shuey away from helping more people learn self-defense.

Violence Against Seniors Keeps Rising

The world seems to have grown more dangerous as we grow older. I could be wrong. It’s difficult to measure as a group whether older Americans are more vulnerable than past generations. And when violence happens, the offender often threatens the victim to stay silent, or claims it’s dementia paranoia if an elderly victim speaks up. Well folks, we’re not incapable yet, and we can fight back. We just need to know how to defend ourselves, and we need to re-establish our strength to protect ourselves.

Search and Access “Self Defense Classes Near Me” From Anywhere

There is good news. By creating an online virtual dojo, Grandmaster Shuey has brought the right strengthening and self-defense training to us. How much closer can TACS “self defense classes near me” be than in your home in front of your laptop? TACS Yoga classes are also beginning again and will help with strengthening, toning and stress reduction. The Cane Fu or Cane Ja techniques show truly effective ways to defend yourself against attackers. And through subscription, all of the classes will be available in your own home. If you have questions, just contact us here or call Mark Shuey at 775-772-9471.

Safety and Experience

These sessions and their movements, exercises, and techniques were developed for those of us who are, uhm, over 20. Mark Shuey collaborated with a doctor to make sure he was keeping trainees as safe as possible. Even today, as Grandmaster Shuey takes us through each exercise, he reminds us about a lighter version when needed. For decades, he has conducted these sessions safely, always putting the wellbeing of participants first. You’ll marvel at how the exercises and techniques feel gentle on the body, though you’ll know you worked out. It takes a few weeks, but expect to really  feel the difference. As Grandmaster Shuey insists, “You will absolutely feel years younger!”

We Want You to Experience The Difference

Learning effective self defense is reason enough to subscribe to Grandmaster Mark Shuey’s classes. But the Yoga deep Breathing exercises alone are life altering. If you are tired of waking up each day with your entire body one big ache, including your skin, it is time to act. Call Mark at (775) 772-9471 and tell him what classes you want to know more about. He loves to share his passion for helping people feel better and gain confidence along with self defense moves. It is one call you won’t ever regret!