TACS – What You Need to Know About This Great Online Workout for Seniors

Feeling tired lately?  Has Your get up and go, just gone?  Though it seems illogical, the way to have more energy, is to spend some in exercise. We’d like to recommend TACS as a great online workout for seniors. In fact, researchers report exercise offers lots of great advantages to enjoy. And there are lots of exercise choices out there. Still, we hope you’ll join us at The American Cane System, so we can help you reach your independence and wellness goals.

this great online workout for seniors Is fun!
What you need to know about this great online workout for seniors – It’s fun!

Hosted by the developer of Cane Masters and The American Cane System.

Before developing The American Cane System (TACS), I (Grandmaster Mark Shuey) enjoyed  years of martial arts experience in performance, training and instruction. With my unique skillset, I regularly guide senior students from around the world through breathing, strength building, and flexibility exercises. I take time with new students to learn more about their physical limitation and capabilities. That means I know better where to start each new student and how to guide each through individually paced training when necessary.

We’ve invested decades to your safety.

As Grand Cane Master, I (Mark Shuey) spent decades training both seniors and younger students in self-defense. It quickly became evident that before training in Cane self-defense, students needed exercises and techniques to build up strength and flexibility. Both of those skills would be crucial for wielding a cane as a self-defense tool.

TACS came out of a passion for assisting those in their silver years to be more self-reliant. The resulting TACS program is also a great online workout for seniors. Today, I am privileged to have students equally passionate about the program. They come to the Virtual Dojo to learn directly from the creator of The American Cane System and Cane Masters, and we learn from each other…and have a great time.

Originally Cane Masters offered my canes specially designed for self-defense as well as for aid to mobility. Later that portion of the business was turned over to another to allow me to focus on the actual American Cane System training. Today, I’ve trained thousands in the art of cane self-defense because their safety, and yours, matters.

At TACS, we’re still big believers in having fun as you train.

Though TACS programs often speed up rehabilitation, the training isn’t boring. Sessions start with relaxing deep breathing, then invigorating exercises, and later work up to cane techniques. Customer feedback underlines our claim that training in flexibility and strength will soon have you feeling years younger.

Studies show the TACS exercises help with your state of mind as well as your fitness level. As students practice Yoga and Cane Chi in the Virtual Dojo, they report a more positive outlook as well as physical improvements. Studies back this up, specifically noting better participant handling of stress.

It’s not just a great online workout for seniors; it feels good too.

Okay. To me, this is the biggest factor in the decision. TACS training, starting with breathing exercises, changes how you feel. Give us 6 weeks and we’ll help you feel like a new person!  Come on in to the Virtual Dojo for a great online workout for seniors. TACS training may look too fun to succeed, but it has been life changing for many people. Be one of them. Just give us a call at 775-772-9471 and ask for Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey for hours and links to join the Virtual Dojo.