TACS is Your “Self Defense Classes Near Me”

TACS - best result of search self defense classes near me

TACS Separated to Focus on Wellness and Self-Defense Years ago, when searching for “self defense classes near me”, The American Cane System might not have been the first result, but it is the best one. The American Cane System was once part of Cane Masters, which was also founded by Grandmaster Mark Shuey. As a…

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How to Fight the Danger of Hate Crimes Against Seniors

Myths about Hate Crimes Against Seniors actually put Seniors in Danger Myth #1 Hate Crimes against Seniors Don’t Happen Myth #2 Training in Self Defense is Dangerous for Seniors Fact: Hate crimes against seniors, especially Asian Americans, have surged since COVID pandemic began. It’s kind of strange to hear about hate crimes against seniors. I’m…

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The American Cane System Training – Why You Need It

American Cane System Training - self-defense cane fighting

Summer is slipping away again. If you haven’t begun your American Cane System training, it’s still a great time to start. That’s because Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey still has The American Cane System training videos on hand. He also can let you try his live dojo sessions while seats are available. American Cane System…

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What is Cane Fu?

Cane Fu was developed by Grandmaster Mark Shuey, founder of Cane Masters Inc. and North Lake Tahoe Martial Arts, as part of The American Cane System, which includes Cane Fu, Cane Do and Cane Chi.

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