TACS is Your “Self Defense Classes Near Me”

TACS - best result of search self defense classes near me

TACS Separated to Focus on Wellness and Self-Defense Years ago, when searching for “self defense classes near me”, The American Cane System might not have been the first result, but it is the best one. The American Cane System was once part of Cane Masters, which was also founded by Grandmaster Mark Shuey. As a…

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Anatomy of a Fighting Cane – More Than a Crutch

fighting cane

A fighting cane is more than a crutch. It is a wonderfully inconspicuous, highly effective and sometimes, a deadly self-defense tool once you learn to use it. Yet, when people have to use a cane for mobility, their egos have a huge adjustment to undergo. Perhaps they don’t realize the statement a fighting cane can…

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