How Old is Too Old For Martial Arts?

How old is too old for martial arts

You are going to love the answer for “how old is too old for martial arts?”!  There is NO MARTIAL ARTS AGE LIMIT!  Anyone can benefit from the training. The key is to work with an instructor who will help you carefully build up strength, endurance and agility.  Exercise is important at any age, but…

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The What When and Where of the American Cane System

American Cane System Cane Chi

The American Cane System Beginning Grand Master (GM) Mark Shuey, of The American Cane System, is devoted to his passion for helping the disabled regain mobility and confidence. It became clear incredibly early to GM Mark Shuey, that the cane was a wonderful self-defense tool.  The cane was an especially great weapon for seniors who…

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A Little Workout Fun at the Dojo

Workout fun for Seniors

Now is the right time to consider your fitness and how you could learn a safe form of self-defense. Even more important, you deserve to bring a little workout fun back into your life; you deserve the American Cane System Dojo. The Dojo Mark Shuey, founder of The American Cane System offers an entire range…

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First, Full Yogic Breath

full yogic breath

Cane Fu, But First, Breathe Before you kick, before you learn defensive arcs with your cane, learn to breathe.  “Of course I’m breathing; I’m alive,” you react.  We’re not talking about the light breathing of regular living.   We’re talking about the kind of breathing that strengthens your lungs and gets the toxins out.  Full yogic…

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New Year’s Resolutions or Not

New Year's Resolution

Fun New Year Facts Here’s a fun New Year’s Fact for you: Forty-five percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. The top resolutions are lose weight, get organized, spend less, save more, stay fit and healthy, and quit smoking.  Whew!  No wonder a quarter of those making resolutions give up on them by the second week…

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Healthy for the Holidays

healthy for the holidays

Hanukkah is past and Christmas is just around the corner. Though this is usually a wonderful time of year for friends and family to gather, there are additional health risks during the Christmas season.  Some are accidents, but others are consequences of physical and emotional stress.  There are holiday health risks, but you can help…

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Advancing Level by Level in The American Cane System

The American Cane System is an internationally recognized martial arts system which teaches the students self-defense techniques with the cane as major tool.  If you don’t use a cane, it’s ok, since empty handed techniques are taught as well.  Students in the American Cane System are advancing level by level, belt by belt.  If you…

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