The American Cane System Training – Why You Need It

American Cane System Training - self-defense cane fighting

Summer is slipping away again. If you haven’t begun your American Cane System training, it’s still a great time to start. That’s because Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey still has The American Cane System training videos on hand. He also can let you try his live dojo sessions while seats are available. American Cane System…

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The Best Training for Over 50 is Silver Dragons

The Best Training Over 50 - And it's Fun Too!

There is a wellness solution even for people with physical limitations.  It is the best training for over 50 trainees, it will restore a lot of your mobility* and we call it Silver Dragons. Do you feel stiffness in your hands when you clasp a doorknob or jar lid?  When you get up after sitting…

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Why The American Cane System Fits So Many Students

Grandmaster Mark Shuey offers virtual training in just about every format you could wish for.  It means that the pandemic does NOT have to prevent you from being active and from training in Cane Fu, Cane Ja, Cane Chi and Yoga.  The training is still detailed, comprehensive and deep training on blocks, strikes, kata and…

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