The Best Training for Over 50 is Silver Dragons

There is a wellness solution even for people with physical limitations.  It is the best training for over 50 trainees, it will restore a lot of your mobility* and we call it Silver Dragons.

Do you feel stiffness in your hands when you clasp a doorknob or jar lid?  When you get up after sitting awhile, does it take several steps before your body remembers to loosen up and walk.  If you miss the mobility lost to age and a sedentary lifestyle, you need to keep reading. 

The Best Training Over 50 - And it's Fun Too!
The Best Training Over 50 – And it’s Fun Too!

Silver Dragons is a Different Kind of Discipline

Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey Sr. at the American Cane System offers low impact Martial Arts training now.  The self-defense training techniques are modified so people with physical restrictions or injuries can participate.  This lower impact, low intensity version of Martial Arts, still offers the fitness and fun for those who are not ready for full throttle martial art programs.  That’s a few of the reasons we think Silver Dragons is the best training for over 50 but read on for more.

The Silver Dragons programs often results in balance improvement, added strength and improved flexibility. Other benefits include improved coordination, range of movement, better reflexes, and safety awareness as well as self-defense and overall health and fitness.

Silver Dragon Levels for the Best Training Over 50

Silver Dragons, as the best training for over 50, offers programs that are available in person or through the virtual dojo. That makes training and mastering the three pre black sash (black belt) levels easier.  Once you attain the black sash, you will be qualified to train others in multiple American Cane System disciplines.

The Best Training for Over 50 Starts With the First Sash Level 

The trainee must learn all Cane-Fu Facilitator qualifiers.  They will also learn first and second katas and the Silver Dragons 4th DVD information as taught by their instructor. At this level, no GI (uniform) is required; the Silver Dragons t-shirt is fine for this level of movement.  Don’t expect rank assignment yet.  No ranking is assigned prior to achieving the status of the black sash.

Silver Dragons Second Sash Level

To complete the second sash level, the trainer will instruct on the material in Silver Dragons’ fifth DVD. Students must competently demonstrate ranking katas 3,4,and 5 with the dominant hand. Once the second sash is earned, it’s on to the third sash level of the Silver Dragons. 

The Third Sash Level

In the third level, the instructor will teach trainees the ranking material found on Silver Dragons DVDs numbers 6 and 7.  Students must then write about his/her journey with the cane.

The Coveted Black Sash Completes the Best Training for Over 50

Once the three sash levels of the Silver Dragons are successfully completed, the coveted black sash lies ahead. A devotee ready to advance to the black sash must get a GI, or uniform.  They must also successfully complete the American Cane System Ranking as found on DVD number 8.  This is covered by their instructor in the training.

Traditionally, the Silver Dragons black belt candidate would complete a seminar presented in front of all the other seminar attendees. In it, the candidate could have introduced Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey to help with the seminar. As more students train on the virtual dojo, some changes were necessary.  Check with Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey to learn what is required for this step.

Be Prepared with a Silver Dragons Introductory Training Package

Trainees learning from home can access the introductory Silver Dragons package before attending virtual dojo sessions with grandmaster Mark Shuey.  This training package, which can be ordered separately by calling (775) 772-9471, includes:

  1. The silver Sash 1st stripe,
  2. A beautiful silver dragons training cane with the silver Dragon Laser engraved on the shaft,
  3. A membership certificate and
  4. An instruction volume on the basic Foundation of Cane-Fu.

Try Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey live training sessions and experience the best training for over 50 students.  You’ll love the ease of self-defense training and mobility enhancing exercises from your own home.  *Please note: Talk to Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey Sr. about your specific restrictions.  Also, always talk to your medical professional before taking on