The What When and Where of the American Cane System

The American Cane System Beginning

Grand Master (GM) Mark Shuey, of The American Cane System, is devoted to his passion for helping the disabled regain mobility and confidence. It became clear incredibly early to GM Mark Shuey, that the cane was a wonderful self-defense tool.  The cane was an especially great weapon for seniors who already had it with them everywhere they went. They just needed to learn how to use it.

From Cane Production to Self-Defense Training

To that end, GM Mark Shuey founded Cane Masters Inc. in 1996.  It didn’t just create mobile handcrafted works of art, but was a vehicle to share his passion for martial arts. GM Mark Shuey then developed the American Cane System, now recognized around the world.  In the American Cane System, followers learn how to use their canes to protect themselves. Eventually Mark sold off the cane production portion called Cane Masters.  Today he focuses entirely on teaching self-defense and wellness in The American Cane System.

Cane Chi Was Born

From his early training of senior and mobility challenged students, Mark discovered he needed to add a training step.  He realized his trainees needed to learn to breathe properly and to build up strength before learning self-defense techniques. Cane Chi was born to do this.  As students practiced Cane Chi they discovered faster, more complete rehabilitation from injuries.  Cane Chi uses a series of resistance bands and your cane for simple techniques.  While the exercises seem gentle, they yielded a powerful impact on rehabilitation results that medical professionals applauded.  Several healthcare rehabilitation began to include the techniques in their programs, and do so to this day.

American Cane System Cane Chi

More Self-defense Disciplines

Today, the Mark Shuey American Cane System has several disciplines under its umbrella. Cane Ja is a cane-centric martial art self-defense discipline. Cane Fu is a comprehensive martial art technique, which uses the cane fighting techniques. 

And Yoga Too

Today, GM Mark Shuey also offers yoga classes multiple days each week to teach deep breathing techniques.  GM Mark will tell you, breathing right in deep and healing breaths will turn your health around in just eight weeks.  You will feel the difference sooner, but in eight weeks, you will be a new person.  Every Mark Shuey American Cane System discipline uses movements and techniques to build a healthy body with increased mobility and confidence.

Learn and Develop at Home

You could take the family on a trip to the beautiful scenic Lake Tahoe for training in American Cane System, but you don’t have to.  You can learn in the privacy of your own home in Mark Shuey’s Cane Masters Virtual Dojo.  Grand Master Mark Shuey has degrees in Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido.  He has a Master’s Certification with United States National Karate Assoc., American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts and the United States Martial Arts Association. 

Mark Shuey is a top competitor in Martial Art Tournaments, but he is an even better instructor.  You can learn from the master in virtual Dojo sessions or through his collection of recorded classes.  If you’re not sure which discipline of the American Cane System is right for you, talk to GM Mark Shuey. Call  (775) 772-9471.