Training Manuals and Videos Coming Soon

The American Cane System is opening a new shopping webpage for training manuals and videos! Soon will boast an entire collection available on USB drive or as direct downloads.  Why?  We feel It is so important that you keep moving, either joining us for zoom sessions on the virtual dojo or with training videos.  We will publish several articles to highlight training manuals and videos coming soon to THIS SITE.  The first manual, the American Cane System Guidebook, is a comprehensive guide to the training discipline namesake.

American Cane System Guidebook

American Cane System Guidebook

This guide is the result of a collaborative effort by authors Mark R. Shuey Sr., Lynn Jessee, Eric Stallock and Clifford C. Crandall, Jr.  In the introductory section of the guidebook, explores the background of the American Cane System as it became a consuming passion of the authors. It goes on to review the qualifications of Grandmaster Mark R. Shuey and decades of recognitions he has received in martial art competitions. 

Connecting at the Virtual Dojo

The creation of the virtual dojo was a way to extend the opportunity for healing to homebound participants.  Prior to the virtual dojo, the only way to train with Grandmaster Shuey was to travel to his Lake Tahoe center or attend a seminar.  As the world shifted to digital interfaces, Grandmaster Shuey realized it would be a great way to share his knowledge with a more diverse group.

American Cane System Training

The underlaying philosophy on which the American Cane System was built, is the cane.  Core to the philosophy is the understanding that a cane is not a crutch.  Whether it used to aid mobility or simply  enjoyed for its beauty, the cane doubles as a weapon of self-defense.

In order for the cane to reach this stage, the cane user must train properly.  Mark Shuey did not begin swinging the cane at folks back in 1983 and call it training.  His movements are purposeful, and fluid.  The movements come from proper training and rebuilt strength.  With that training, you begin to reclaim your mobility, balance and lifestyle. 


Once you understand the philosophy and purpose of the American Cane System, you can dive into the stances.  “Stances are the basic foundation for the performance of all your techniques.” – American Cane System Guidebook chapter 2.  Before you can advance to strikes you need to learn the stances. 

Have you ever run into someone by accident and literally been knocked off your feet?  Other times a larger person can try to knock you over and you are able to stand firm.  The difference is how your position or stance. Just knowing the best stances allows you to use a position of strength to defend yourself.  Learn 11 different stances from the Chumbi, or ready stance to the leaning front stance.  Each stance will be a foundation for later use of your cane.


Sometimes people question why they need to be taught how to grip and swing.  Would it surprise you to learn that there are 5 difference basic grips, and several more grip shift movements?  Once again, the training will be your friend.  Regular repetition helps your body memorize the grip shift movements.  In the heat of self-defense, you won’t have to try to recall what comes next.  You will automatically move in the best sequence to defend yourself and your companions.

Blocks and Strikes

While the training is enjoyable, by this chapter of the guidebook, you will have become strong enough to learn specific self-defense blocks and strikes.  Learn single handed blocks and double handled blocks and suddenly you strike!  In fact, you’ll be learning several strikes and strike sets, uppercuts, and downward lunges.  Suddenly your cane is slicing through the air as if you have been commanding it all your life.    


The American Cane System is a series of training workouts hidden by layers of pure fun. As you begin the drills section of training, you begin to increase control of your cane, and you are almost ready to defend yourself with it.


Throughout the training, safety has been, and still is the most important aspect of self-defense practice drills and strikes.  Go slowly as you learn the art of self-defense, so you learn the correct movements safely, while building your body’s flexibility and strength.  Injuries from hurrying the process will set back your goal, your training, AND your mobility. 

Grandmaster Mark Shuey has trained for decades with the cane.  He passionately believes in the vital importance of his teachings, and the difference the cane system can make in the lives of his students.  Contact us to order The American Cane System Guidebook at $24.95 plus shipping.  The corresponding training video will be listed in the near future.  We hope you will enjoy training manuals and videos coming soon to our site.