Why Seniors Should Use Canes

Why Some Seniors Refuse to Use Canes

Many seniors just don’t get around as well as they used to do.  There are several causes and contributors like muscle weakness, slower reflexes, reduced senses overall.  But seniors often refuse to use mobility aides like a cane or walker.  WHY? 

Why Seniors Should Use a Cane

Canes were once considered a mark of the distinguished gentleman.  Yet today, many see cases as a sign of weakness, aging and dependency.  No one wants to be seen as any of those things, especially when already losing so much physically.  Keeping your dignity is more crucial than ever. Well-meaning family members watch for signs of weakness contributing to a senior’s desire to hide the disability that is growing. 

The Danger Behind Not Using a Cane

Other seniors are in denial about the need for a cane.  What they may not be aware of is how disabling a fall can be to an older person.  The healing process after a senior falls is much slower.  While healing, the injured patient becomes more inactive, and the muscle weakness, balance issues and slowing reflexes get worse.  Senior injuries are worse too. Younger people catch themselves, preventing lots of falls from happening.  With aging, reflexes are slower and falls become more difficult to avoid.

Worse than recovering from injuries obtained in a fall, are the many who never recover.

The Secret Life of a Cane

The cane is a mobility aide as well as a medical aide, but a cane is also a weapon.  What did you say?  A cane assist with mobility but it also is the perfect weapon.  You don’t have to un-holster a cane and it’s already in your hand as you walk with it.  That saves precious seconds and may save your life. The point here is that a cane is handy to use, and it can actually provide more safety and independence. 

How to Walk with a Cane.

Cane users only gain independence if the user is walking properly with it.  You should be able to walk upright with a cane.  If you have to bend over to use your cane, you have the wrong one.  Once you have a cane that is the right height, stand up.  Instead of walking bent over, eyes on the ground, use your cane to stand upright with your head up.  Walking upright with your cane can change your perspective, and how others see you.  Walking proudly with a cane goes a long way toward returning the dignity age stole. 

You Can’t Hide Mobility Issues, but you can capitalize on them.

If you are still hesitating to use a cane because you don’t want to show weakness, consider the following.  A man came into the post office.  He shuffled in with tiny careful steps, bent and watching the ground to make sure he didn’t trip.  Another customer asked why he didn’t use a cane. The man rose to his full height and replied that he did not want to appear weak or old.  Do you really think he looked younger because he refused to use a cane?  When we move like we are weak, whether or not we have a cane, we look disabled.  Disabled seniors get targeted.  The sad fact is that assaults on seniors is up 67 percent this year alone.  Having a cane, and learning senior self-defense with it, may not change the statistics, but it can change the outcome.  Use your cane.  You not only gain mobility, but you have a self-defense weapon ready to protect anywhere you go.

A Strength Building Program for All of Us.

Exercise is not just for the young and mobile; we all need to keep moving.  The Virtual Dojo at The American Cane System is created to help others regain strength and  mobility.  Regardless of age, students can learn agility, balance and strength-building exercises.  You can learn to do these Cane Chi exercises now, regardless of your current condition.  If you can move it, however slowly, Grandmaster Mark Shuey can help train it to be stronger and more limber.  Add a cane and become  The American Cane System self-defense force to be reckoned with.  Give The American Cane System 4 to 6 weeks and you will feel like a new you.

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