Why The American Cane System Fits So Many Students

Grandmaster Mark Shuey offers virtual training in just about every format you could wish for.  It means that the pandemic does NOT have to prevent you from being active and from training in Cane Fu, Cane Ja, Cane Chi and Yoga.  The training is still detailed, comprehensive and deep training on blocks, strikes, kata and self-defense in the American Cane System, but it is available by calling (775) 832-6550 https://theamericancanesystem.com/contact-us/  DVD, or live by subscription. Live sessions are broadcast Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 a.m. PDT / Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. PDT. 

Where and What is in the Training?

Through his North Lake Tahoe Martial Arts Training, eight time world champion Grandmaster Mark Shuey begins with basic techniques such as proper grip of the cane, stances, empty hand defense basics, blocks and strikes.  There are methods of punching with the cane , jabs, side twirls front kicks and more.  It then moves toward more advanced drills that include partner drills and katas.  Because of this unusual social distancing situation, GM Mark Shuey has found a way to circumvent partner drills if you are in isolation.

Within the American Cane System, are various schools of martial arts training. 

Cane Fu is primarily known as cane fighting technique.  It is especially beneficial as a form of self-defense and senior abuse prevention, but has been recognized as confidence, independence and fitness building.

Cane Ja, or tactical fighting is the street style of self defense that also weaponizes the cane.  In Cane Ja, a wide range of situations where you must fend off an aggressor are examined, and response techniques taught.

Cane Chi is a complete exercise, fitness and rehabilitation system carried out with a cane and an optional resistance band.  The balancing techniques, isometric and isotonic exercises result in more comprehensive physical rehabilitation benefits.

The Warrior Cane Project is a project close to Mark Shuey’s heart.  This system was created for American Service Veterans who require a cane to get around.  Grand Master Shuey has traveled around the country, thanks to generous supporters of this project to train veterans for free in self-defense techniques using their canes.  Find out more by calling The American Cane System directly.

Silver Dragons trains seniors on techniques that favor one handed execution, due to disability or balance issues.  It is a powerful program that simplifies the belt levels, while developing strength, mobility and confidence in participants.

Though the American Cane System was designed for those whose mobility limitations require the use of a cane, the training is an internationally recognized form of martial arts that is a great program for everyone.  It includes self-defense, exercise, as well as rehabilitation training.  Each program, Cane Fu, Cane Ja, Cane Chi and Warrior Project was developed to help disabled and older adults become less vulnerable to attack.  What is incredible is that in the process of making the group less vulnerable, those programs also produce fitness results in older and in younger adults who don’t face the mobility challenges of their elders.


What surprised even the program founder, was how much feedback he began getting about how fun the physical rehabilitation experience is suddenly for subscribers of the American Cane System.  Added to that is the bonus of the added self-confidence and independence that the training fosters in individuals who are mobility challenged.  Studies on older adults who practice similar martial arts programs found the training improved heart health and cognitive abilities along with the improved mobility.  The techniques and movement can be done at your own pace, which means you are moving and training, even if you have to start at a slower pace.

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