Zoom Opens Martial Arts Training Across the Nation

Contributed by Jo Gardner
March 16,2021

Zoom and Martial Arts Training Sessions

We are well into the new year, but there are some things from 2020 that we kept.  Zoom meetings is one of them.  It allows us to attend class sessions from anywhere in the country, to learn from the convenience of home.  Zoom opens martial arts training to many who were not able to participate until now. Grandmaster Mark Shuey, of North Lake Tahoe Martial Arts, & The American Cane System, now streams Zoom yoga and Cane techniques.  The American Cane System delivers a workout that lets you start from any level and any mobility.

A new session series begins April 1, 2021.  Stretch every Monday, from 8:00 to 9:30 am with beginning and intermediate Yoga sessions Zoom streamed by Grandmaster Mark Shuey.  Intermediate martial art techniques will be zoom streamed from 10:00 to 11:00 am each Monday.  It’s a great way to get or stay fit, with live instruction in your own home. 

Subscribe or get more information by calling (775) 772-9471.

Tuesday Zoom Martial Arts

Every Tuesday morning from 10 to 11 PST,  Grandmaster Mark Shuey will stream balance and strength techniques with your cane.  When you are building or rebuilding strength, or rehabilitating an injured limb, this Tuesday morning training session can help. You don’t need to be perfectly fit or mobile to join this session, but you are sure to proceed to a new level with regular training and practice.

The Wednesday zoom schedule mirrors the Monday schedule.  There is fresh Zoom live stream from 8 to 9:30 am for beginning and intermediate Yoga.  Then an hour of basic and intermediate self-defense techniques follows, beginning at 10. If you work from home with a flex schedule, this can be a great way to break up the day and improve focus. 

Thursdays on Zoom mean ten am warmups.  This is followed for the remainder of the hour by blocking, striking and swings.  There will be defensive locks, takedowns and the critical getting out of trouble techniques training.  Some of us need extra time on the getting out of trouble portion of the training, not that I’m mentioning any names here.

If you are tired, Friday is your training day off.  If you are not tired, practice what you learned earlier in the week, because next week will deliver more techniques, moves and fun. 

Saturdays are different.  On Saturdays, special classes are live on Zoom,  such as women’s self-defense.  This training presents disarming an attacker, teaching you how to take a knife, gun or stick from any assailant.  Saturday sessions are live from 9 to 10:30 am PST/ noon to 1:30 EST. 

These Zoom sessions from is our chance to share Yoga and martial arts techniques.  These are the same techniques that years ago returned the mobility lost after a disabling back injury.  For information on the different programs offered, visit  The American Cane System.  Zoom opened up training session participation for millions across the nation.  For information on how you can join Zoom martial arts training, call (775) 772-9471.  You’ll find a world of yoga and Cane based self-defense training available at the click of a button.

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