September is Realtor National Self Defense Month

Real Estate is a popular second career for seniors and retirees. Careers in real estate is a career that not only fosters new social connections but builds on existing ones. With that said, September is a special month for Realtors. It is self defense month, something that reminds all of us about the risks of being alone when meeting strangers. Yet this risk is not unique to Real Estate Professionals, though they do face it in their daily professional routines.

As Realtors of greater Chattanooga states, being aware of potential dangers and taking precautions will help you avoid risky situations.. …Safety is a healthy habit that could save your life.” We think we can help.

The American Cane Systems Self Defense Classes

Grandmaster Mark Shuey has dedicated decades to instructing and training others in the art of self defense. The American Cane System makes use of specially designed canes to execute this defense. While these canes function as a mobility aid, they also have a wider crook that makes using your cane in self-defense that much more effective.

Starting with Proper Breathing

At the most basic level, Grandmaster Mark Shuey reminds his students to breathe properly. Sounds really basic, right? The thing is, most of us don’t breathe properly. Our bodies would feel better, move better and work better if we did this one thing regularly: breathe properly. To help you, we regularly offer classes the focus on basic breathing and stretching. If those classes aren’t currently in session, you can also pick up a video sold at or call Mark at 975-972-9471 and ask for your $39.99 copy of Beginning Yoga Sun Salutations.

We think you will be amazed at the changes proper breathing will bring to your body. Advance MUSC Health explains  “Deep, slow breathing causes the breath rate to go down, and that sends signals to the brain to relax. It also increases the ability to memorize and focus; it improves circulation and lets the cardiovascular system work at its optimal level.”  Medical News Today revealed studies finding some added but surprising benefits, such as reduced impulsivity and reduced tobacco use.

Toning and Strengthening Exercises with the Cane

In order for self defense training to be effective, students usually first need some toning and strengthening exercises. Grandmaster Shuey brings out a wealth of isometric exercises that are only more effective for using the cane and resistance bands to enhance stretches and posture. These exercises are deceptively gentle on bodies just getting back into shape, but wonderfully effective. The strength conditioning of the American Cane System tones and shapes your muscles, increases your metabolic rate and strengthens your bones. You are getting closer to being ready to train in self defense. In fact, some of the exercises you will be doing in Grandmaster Mark Shuey’s toning class sessions are part of the self-defense techniques he will be teaching you shortly.

Learning blocks, strikes and other Self Defense Moves

Some feel self defense moves are instinctual, but actually many of us make ourselves more vulnerable when attacked. By learning and practicing blocks strikes and other defensive moves, those moves become second nature to us. When we are attacked, our self defense moves will be executed more quickly, more naturally, and more effectively.

Defense AND Offense

By training students both offensive and defensive moves Grandmaster Shuey accomplishes two goals. First, victims are more likely to recognize offensive behavior earlier, and react sooner. Second, when you recognize an attack is imminent, taking an offensive posture may ward off the attack before it happens. There are many jabs, strikes and blocks you can learn and use in self-defense. As you train with Grandmaster Mark Shuey, he can take you through the process in a safe and orderly manner. Before you proceed to the next step, our goal is to ensure you are physically and mentally ready. That preparedness can make your self defense knowledge and competence much more comprehensive.

So before Realtor Safety month is over, call us for class schedule or your own videos and get started taking back your own independence.