KATA Wars 2021- And The Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey

Only the elite were invited to Kata Wars 2021… Many answered the call.

If paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, and scissors beats paper, what beats all 3 at the same time? That’s right.  Chuck Norris


Kata Wars 2021 – an Elite Event

But even Chuck Norris will be at the KATA Wars Championship May 8, 2021.  Because on May 8th, National Sport Karate Museum Presents:  KATA Wars Championship, a PKA recommended elite event.  Professor Gary Lee, 9th Dan, founder of The Sport Karate Museum has undertaken the responsibility for organizing and hosting the event.  Once more Dr. Lee has gathered legends to compete in the KATA Wars event hosted by The Sport Karate Museum.  Competitors are by invitation only, and KATA wars 2021 will be a virtual who’s who of martial arts masters and legends!   Imagine being involved a competition where everyone has at least 100 firsts in previous competitions. 

KATA Wars 2021 hosted by the National Sport Karate Museum
KATA Wars 2021

Several masters came out of retirement for this event.  Among them is Grandmaster Mark Shuey, who, if you didn’t know, continues to train and teach The American Cane System.  But Mark came out of “competition retirement” to participate as one of the judges for the event.  Grandmaster Mark Shuey is a special participant, indeed.  He made martial arts his passion and career since 1967 when he was with the Chuck Norris system of Tang Soo do. 

Why Grandmaster Mark Shuey Was Invited to Kata Wars

A Summary of a Liftetime of Grandmaster Mark Shuey’s Achievements

Grandmaster Shuey has degrees in Tang Soo Do,  Taekwondo and Hapkido and is a head instructor of Kosho Ryu.  Mark holds a master’s certification with the USNKA*, American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts and USMAA**.  He has been a top competitor in the martial arts tournament circuit ever since. 

In 1994, Grandmaster Shuey was rated as competitor of the year by the National Coalition of Martial Artists.  In 1997, Mark was rated second overall points in the Pacific Rim Tour circuit.  He was rated first in weapons and Kata in M.A.R.R.S. in his age division, second in overall points. 

1998 was an even more remarkable year of achievement for Mark Shuey.  At the 1998 Unified World Martial Arts Federation tournament Mark earned first place in four different categories, Kata, weapons, sparring and overall Grand Champion in both weapons and forms.  He then snatched Grand Champion in Kata and first place in senior weapons and traditional open at the Golden State Karate Association at Lake Tahoe. 

After seizing the senior weapons national title in IMAC, ISKA*** awarded Mark competitor of the year 1999.  Mark was awarded NASKA’s World and National Masters Weapon title, which he defended a year later in 2000, and a third time in 2001.  And he kept earning more awards, titles and hall of fame inductions.  Find more incredible stats on Mark Shuey in the Pioneers and Legends Hall of Fame where he was inducted in 2002.

What to Watch at KATA Wars 2021

The KATA Wars event, held Saturday, May 08, 2021 AT 09:00 a.m. central time, or UTC-05:00 is for the most elite competitors.  Physical attendance is already SOLD OUT for the event being held at Houston Marriott Westchase, 2900 Briar Park Dr, Houston, TX 77042, Stafford, USA.  But there’s some good news.  You can still get a virtual seat to watch the event FREE at home.  Livestream thanks to Billy Sweeney on facebook https://fb.me/e/ZB9qhiFa .

Multiple rounds lead to the 9th Dan.  It’s time to witness some skill, my friends!  Just keep this in mind:  ONE winner; ONE division.  There will be NO second places.  There will be NO runners up. 

Expect to enjoy seeing competitor matches in Kenpo, Self-Defense, Bunkai, Bull in the  Ring.  Judging will include Kata for the 9th dan.  For the uninitiated, lower dan grades represent not just physical skill, but also greater knowledge and understanding of the art.  The greater dans represent leadership ability, teaching experience and service to the style.  What a great distinction it would be to achieve a 9th dan certification amongst such honorable competitors.  Osu,  good people!  See you in the live stream!

Contributed by Jo Gardner
April 27,2021

  • *USNKA (US National Karate Association)
  • **USMAA (United States Martial Arts Association)
  • *** IMAC (International Martial Arts Council)

     ISKA (International Sport Karate Association)

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