Martial Arts for Seniors-Fighting Elder Abuse

Though Nevada state law NRS§200.5099 prohibits abuse of seniors, desire for self-reliance has many turning to martial arts for seniors. While I don’t think of myself as an “elder”, it’s easy to appreciate the intent of Nevada legislators.

Martial Arts for Seniors

Requirements of NRS§200.5099

The Nevada Elder abuse law may be a deterrent to senior abuse, but it can’t totally prevent it. The law does instill some consequences such as fines for violations. It also requires mandatory reports from medical professionals, hospital and home health agency employees, social workers and law enforcement employees. Coroners, mortuary/ funeral home employees, probation officers, HHS employees and other senior caregivers are also required to timely report incidents.

How NRS§200.5099 Defines Elder Abuse

The law (NRS§200.5099) describes elder abuse as the willful and unjustified infliction of mental anguish, injury, pain or deprivation of food shelter, services or clothes necessary to maintain mental and physical health. That’s a pretty broad definition and umbrella of protection. Yet the phenomenon of abuse against seniors keeps growing.

Alternative to Elder Self-Defense – Martial Arts for Seniors

Creator of the American Cane system in the 1990’s, Grandmaster Mark Shuey designed a traditional self-defense martial art system for senior safety. In his book Walking Cane Self Defense in the 21st Century, William Casey explains how the system works. “Grand Master Mark Shuey, Sr. …uses a cane to strengthen individuals mentally, physically and emotionally.”

The Benefit of Avoiding a Victim Mentality

By training with a professional in self-defense and wellness, we become stronger – safely. (Note: check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise and training program). The American Cane System of martial arts for seniors is designed to secure a safer existence through self-reliance. Grandmaster Shuey began teaching seniors how to use their personal mobility aid to defend themselves against physical attacks.

Development of a Self-Defense Martial Arts for Seniors

As GM Shuey saw it, many seniors already had the very mobility aid that could serve double duty and be used in self-defense. Yet, in every step of the self-defense system development, he found he needed to add a component. First, he realized most canes used for mobility needed an overhaul if they were to double as a personal protection device. In answer, he created Cane Masters canes. GM Shuey no longer is connected to that portion of his company. Instead, he is focused today solely on the actual training: self-defense martial arts for seniors systems.

Developing Multiple Disciplines out of The American Cane Systems

Early in the system, Grandmaster Shuey realized in order to help seniors become effective in self-defense techniques, he needed to help them get stronger and more agile. In some instances this meant he needed to help them rehabilitate their bodies. Shuey developed several exercises to develop strength, agility and endurance. Though he also taught a martial art system of cane fighting techniques for years, it wasn’t until 2008 that he named the system Cane Fu. And for quick and dirty on the street self-defense training, GM Shuey introduced Cane Ja in 2012. In 2013 he finally separated and named the exercises in a system he calls Cane Chi. Grand Master Shuey continued to add systems that contribute wellness and self-defense for seniors. Today he is internationally renown for his contributions to martial arts and to seniors worldwide.

Seniors- Safe or in Danger of Abuse?

There is the widespread feeling that seniors are only safe while they are in their own homes…but are they? Senior violence and abuse is escalating. You only have to turn on the news to see a new attack on a senior citizen. Though we appear to be easy targets, there is something all of us can do to reduce the target on our backs.

The American Cane System regularly broadcasts live classes on yoga and cane system martial arts for seniors. Subscribe to train in the privacy of your own home or in your nearest park by livestreaming the Dojo. The American Cane System covers self-defense techniques and exercises with your cane that help rebuild strength, balance and confidence. Call 775-775-9471 for class and pricing information. Try it and experience the ease of technique training and mobility enhancing exercises.