The Cane for Health

First of all, always consult with a medical professional before taking on a new exercise program.  Even though these exercises use the cane for health, your physician can guide you on how much to take on.

More than Mobility Aid

But those who use a cane as a mobility aid, already know the cane has done more than help them get from point A to point B.  By making movement easier, the cane is making you healthier.  The more you move, the easier it gets to move a little more.  By increasing your activity level, safely allowing more mobility and independence, the cane has helped. 

The American Cane System adds benefits to your cane.  Not only is the cane a mobility aid, but the cane for health adds more benefits while it also delivers self-defense advantages.  By training with your cane in The American Cane System training, you can gain increased strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.  You may also notice an improvement in fine motor control, gross motor control, eye-hand coordination and clearer mental focus. 

The Cane for Health

The American Cane System Segments

The training is broken down into segments.  You won’t need weights or a gym.  The exercises can be carried out in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  You won’t need special equipment other than your cane and a few resistance band. 

Curious how we can get the results so simply?  The exercise segment of the American Cane System consists of three segments.

  1. Warm up and stretching.  The standard warmup and stretching routine is performed at the beginning of each class.    Additional optional stretches will be covered that you can perform to increase your flexibility and mobility. 
  2. Isometrics.  Exercises that involve the contraction of muscles without any movement in the surrounding joints are called isometric exercises.  Isometrics improve physical endurance.  The muscles are strengthened and stabilized through the constant tension created when the muscles are contracted without moving surrounding joints.  In the American Cane System, these exercise use only the cane and are performed without movement.  It is part of how we use the cane for health.
  3. Dynamic Resistance Training. This self-resistance exercise method pits muscle against muscle.  The external resistance or weight does not change while you move or pull against the resistance.  The American Cane System uses resistance bands with your cane to create the resistant force in these exercises.  According to American Heart Association, there are early signs that dynamic Resistance training may reduce blood pressure in some adults. Further investigation may be warranted for dynamic resistance training as a standalone therapeutic exercise for adults with high blood pressure.

Start the Right Exercise Level

It is critical in any of these three exercise systems that you check with your physician or instructor first.  If you have a limitation that prevents you from doing a particular exercise or stretch, you may need a simpler version of that exercise in the beginning.  It is critical that exercise are scaled to your individual ability.  You can develop strength and mobility using the cane for health only if the exercises you do are correct for your level. 

Taking the time and attention to make sure your exercises are done correctly and at the best level for you will make the difference in the speed of any rehab needed.  It can also give you new strength you never thought you would have again, but only when you are performing exercises right for you.  Contact Grand Master Mark Shuey for guidance on the best way to begin or call (775) 772-9471.