Essential Self-Defense Training for Seniors

Another Senior Attack

As evidence of the need for self-defense training for seniors, another attack was recently caught on video. On March 29, 2022, four car thieves violently attacked another senior citizen. this time In Capital Heights, Maryland.  Once the suspects got the victim’s keys, they started to run away.  That’s when the victim tried to run toward a neighbor’s house for help.  Unfortunately one thief doubled back to chase, tackle and punch her again as the others fled. The final attacker broke a couple bones before he fled too. 

It's time for self-defense training for seniors
It’s time for self-defense training for seniors

 “The shameless act of violence is very sick and disturbing to me and everyone who has watched the video. Our seniors deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and not be violently accosted in our neighborhoods where we live peacefully.”  said Police Chief Malik Aziz to Fox Baltimore News.

The number of senior attacks increased by 53% from 2008 to 2016.  Attacks against senior men increased over 75% and against older women increased 35.4% from 2002 to 2016. However, studies show crimes against older adults are highly underestimated, which means the reality is dire.  Now consider that older adults accounted for 22 percent of the US population. 

Self-Defense Training for Seniors Turning the Tables on Attackers

It is time to turn the tables, with strength building and self-defense training.  What if the Capital Heights woman, who is in her sixties, had self-defense training for seniors?  What if she had a cane with her that doubled as a safety device?  A fighting cane with its sharp point is devastatingly effective at deep tissue penetration to ward off assaulters.  With three of the attackers gone, she might have been able to avoid broken bones from the one who returned to attack again. The American Cane System turns a cane from a sign of weakness into trained strength and agility.

Traning By The Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey

Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey can teach you several moves that are great at fending off attackers. But before training in self-defense, The American Cane System immerses students in strength and flexibility training.  “In six to eight weeks,” Grand Cane Master Shuey declared, “you won’t believe the difference in how you feel.”  He is referring to your newfound agility, flexibility, strength and calm. Each of those improvements has been found to result from senior martial arts.  Each of those attributes are essential to successfully fending off attackers, with the right training.

Grand Cane Master Shuey created The American Cane System specifically as self-defense training for seniors.  In the process, he discovered an essential order to that training.  Today, he painstakingly eases students through flexibility and strength training they need prior to self-defense training for seniors.  This approach is still fun, but is also absolutely effective.

Training Essential

Anyone can strike out with a cane.  Having the American Cane System self-defense training for seniors makes those strikes naturally more effective.  Wish you knew your reflexes could protect yourself if you are assaulted?  A common feedback comment refers to new feelings of confidence from training under Grand Master Mark Shuey. 

A cane isn’t just an accessory.  It isn’t just a mobility aid.  A cane can be an excellent self-defense device.  It’s already out where you can use it, so you don’t struggle to unholster it like a firearm.  You don’t have to unsheathe it like a knife in your pocket or on a belt.  You just need to use it effectively.  We’ll show you how.   Join thousands of other American Cane System followers trained in self-defense. Call Grand Master Mark Shuey at (775) 772-9471 or contact us here.  (We have a new contact form and will get back to you quickly.)

Please Note: Before you begin any new activity, you should discuss your mobility issues with a medical professional. Ask whether exercise is ok. If it won’t do more damage, it is likely to improve your mobility.

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