Senior Safety Through Training

Senior Safety through training is a mission of The American Cane System. When we see it in action, we LOVE it! The other day in the store I met a woman whose fighting cane lay within reach across her shopping cart. Her cane-less walk was steady and she smiled when she saw me eyeing the cane.  She smiled because she knew she had a safety backup everywhere she goes, even in the grocery store. She had her self-defense device, but she also had safety through training.

Senior Safety Through Training

I smile because that is what The American Cane System was developed to give to it’s trainees. It was created to ensure safety through training for people who use canes for mobility, but need them for self-defense. The American Cane System has lasted over 30 years, serving thousands of mobility-challenged individuals, and has expanded throughout the world.  If you’re facing an assault, this fresh approach to safety finally gives the advantage to us boomers.

The Right Training Makes the Difference

Having a cane to swat an attacker isn’t enough. Though exercise is great for all of us, exercise isn’t enough to ensure victory over a younger thug. What gives seniors real protection against attackers is the training that Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey SR takes the time to go through.

There are other cane self-defense systems that only show how to hit with a cane.  Unfortunately those programs overlook the deeper safety issues.  The American Cane System began teaching followers proper techniques and stances of Cane Fu self-defense.  Quickly, Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey Sr. realized the need for more comprehensive training.  He began training individuals so they had the necessary strength and skills to wield the cane in effective self-defense.

American Cane System Offers Safety Through Training

It’s not that safety is all a person thinks about when they get a little slower.  Life isn’t over after fifty and I sure don’t feel old.  Still, I couldn’t match strength with a twenty something attacker, without the right training. The American Cane System self-defense offers more than peace of mind and safety through training.  The American Cane System program builds strength and confidence, which feels great! 

The Strength to Fight Back

It’s weird to reach an age where millennials constantly dismiss us. But being underestimated can be used to our advantage. No one believes we have the stuff to fight back.  But, through the American Cane System training, my strength has grown, flexibility is coming back, and my lungs improve daily. If I have to fight off an attacker, I know I am more capable than I have been for a decade…or three. Life is enjoyable when we let it be.  We just have to commit to spend the time and effort needed to get, and stay, fit.

Workouts That are Actually Fun

Feedback that came from American Cane System participants is that it is one of the rare training methods that is actually fun.  The techniques are modified for over fifty participants.  Grand Master Mark Shuey has an incredible wealth of energy and it’s contagious.  I joined to train, but stayed because it’s incredibly fun even as it keeps me fit.  Want fun fitness that you can follow without being afraid of injuries?  Contact Grand Master Mark Shuey or call him at 772-775-9471 to get the hours and access information for the Virtual Dojo or information on purchasing his training videos. 

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