The American Cane System Training – Why You Need It

Summer is slipping away again. If you haven’t begun your American Cane System training, it’s still a great time to start. That’s because Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey still has The American Cane System training videos on hand. He also can let you try his live dojo sessions while seats are available. American Cane System training sessions with Grand Master Shuey are specially designed for participants over fifty. He doesn’t coddle his trainees, but he does make sure they train safely. Experience gives a different perspective on what injuries to guard against in trainees. After designing the program and with over 100 championships under his “belt”, Grand Cane Master Shuey has the experience.

American Cane System Training - self-defense cane fighting
American Cane System Training

American Cane System Training Options

The American Cane System (TACS) dojo is a great way to train. Still, if it’s difficult to be there, you have more choices open to you. Grand Cane Master Mark Shuey has training videos for different levels and different disciplines of The American Cane System. Of all the choices TACS offers, one of our favorite systems is Silver Dragons.

Why We Love Silver Dragons

Silver Dragons is a comprehensive American Cane System training program. When a devotee has completed the program successfully, they can become an instructor in several of the other American Cane System programs. And though it isn’t about the sashes, there are three sashes to help you measure your skill advancements. The training is low impact, but still yields a variety of fitness results. Devotees will discover improvements in balance, strength and flexibility as well as range of movement, better reflexes and more. Oops!  We left out the best part. Silver Dragon sessions are fun and yes they still train devotees in cane self-defense.

Why all the Hoopla about Cane Self Defense?

We regularly get asked whether canes are a good self-defense weapon. After all, Grandmaster Shuey built an entire system of martial arts on canes and their use. Canes are ideal for self-defense because they can be there with you at all times. Attackers don’t see them as anything other than the mobility device they are. But even a flashlight can become a self-defense weapon in the right hands. When properly trained, a cane is useful in self-defense too. To sum it up. A cane is a convenient, take-along, lightweight, unexpected self-defense device that is easy to use, if you are trained properly.    

We’ve seen videos on YouTube that promised self-defense for seniors with walking cane self-defense. Unfortunately, just seeing a segment of the training on YouTube bypasses the strength, flexibility and agility portion of training. It skips to the part about how to hit an attacker with your cane. Without the full cane self-defense training, you could make a dangerous situation worse.

Training Creates Confidence and Independence

Self-defense and independence is important. Life isn’t over after 50, and though future generations like to dismiss us boomers, they are wrong. We can enjoy our independence and our self-reliance. We can fight back when attacked. The very fact that they dismiss us give us another advantage in a battle. Come train with Grand Master Mark Shuey to learn how to use that advantage. We promise you won’t be bored.

Safety Note:

The American Cane System (TACS) was designed to make develop independence in people who need a cane mobility aid. Of course, before you start any new activity, you should discuss your mobility issues with your medical professional. Ask whether exercise is ok. If it won’t do more damage, the next step is to get moving with Grandmaster Mark Shuey!